Stable Belt with Combats?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mutineer, Apr 16, 2004.

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  1. Looks terrific, and everyone should do it.

  2. I just wear what I'm told and don't have any opinion.

  3. It looks absolutely sh1te and anyone found wearing both items simultaneously should be beaten.

  1. Personal bug bear of mine - just want to gauge opinion out there!
  2. Yep, have to agree with you there, but lets face up to it, the brass will never let us wear CS95 properly, will they?

    However, that said, I think that it is about time that there was a directive on belts issued, not just for the corps, but Army wide. Whilst not advocating a 1 belt, 1 Army policy, if we are going to retain Regimental and Corps identity with belts then we should all comfirm to one dress standard in CS95.

    Buckle at the front anyone?
  3. Only if it opens the essential supplies of bottled water.

    With hops for flavour.

    And what was wrong with barrack dress - I think it looked far smarter than this cabbage kit, and the troops could tell the difference between a Lt Col and a LCpl from further away than six feet!
  4. Hmmm, I can honestly say that the RLC stable belt will never see the light of day again...........from my attic. The stable belt sums up everthing the RLC is today....S***.

    As for wearing stable belts with C95, why bother printing the DPM on if you are going to wear a gaudy belt. Lets get back to working dress and pullovers.

    And as for wearing stable belts over pullovers, it a bloody jersey, not a minidress. :evil:
  5. Jep, it looks crap. It's a case of 'look I'm cammed up oh, apart from this stupid blue and red thing around my waist'. With my current fealing towards the AGC, I feel loath to wear the cap badge and wanneby beret, let alone the stable belt!
  6. And how can we tell you are AGC?
  7. Sorry you feel that way Piggy. You sound like you've left the Corps recently; if that's the case we're better off without you because you are the sort that MAKES the RLC that way. See if you can persuade some of your bitter, incompetent friends (if you have any) to leave too. :wink:
  8. Yeah, the more fat, pie eating, lardasses you take with you from that minging corps the better.
  9. This sort of comment is complete arrse. By saying that anyone who doesn't like it can fuk off you are implying that your corps is perfect and it is their fault that they are leaving. Whilst no-one wants a whinging tw*t around, perhaps they are leaving for a reason. Why not ask why they feel the way they do. If they are just whinging then great - sod 'em. But if not then maybe something can be done to help retention at a later date. Your attitude sounds like that of someone who may well be part of the problem, someone who isn't interested in trying to even identify problems let alone solve them. So actually it is people like you who MAKE your corps the way it is. SNCO's with the management skills of a brussell sprout kill off morale.
  10. Guys, want to say, do a lot of parades in town (seven last year alone) and we are all there - TA, ACF, ATC, SCC, (SCC Leading with Queens Colour) we look great, in our number 1s and the ATC looked ok in their shirts and trousers....but have to say C95s on ACF and TA looked **** as its not the smartest thing to wear is it? and a stable belt will make Fcuk all difference surely? what was wrong with bk dress? or can we start issuing twos to ACF and TA?


    Awaiting incoming?
  11. It's surely like tying up a sack of sh*t with a ribbon isn't it??
  12. I thought officers were issued with them? And have seen photos of other TA NCOs and the such with 2s.
  13. In reply to Scranspanner, Nope matey this callsign is definately saying the course. However, I will winge, whine and complain my way to that lovely pension. After all, if a squaddie isn`t complaining there is something definately wrong. :p

    As for doorbundle, para AGC or just surfing :wink: [/quote]
  14. Wasn't saying "if you don't like it then eff off", that's too easy. Not objecting to whingeing either, just the (unqualified) RLC is S*** comment.

    Won't disagree with your ability to whine like knacked gearbox, but at least back it up with a well-reasoned argument that can be discussed rather than the JRs Mess slanging match posts, which give us your oh-so incisive opinion. Perhaps you would venture a view along the lines of notmesir's more holistic and pink fluffy approach.... Why do you feel so aggrieved? Not pick up on the last LCpl Board?
  15. Nope Scranspanner, did that one eons ago :wink:

    As for RLC S***, "WE" have a corps that is leaking manpower away with little or no worries from the top echelon. When we are supposed to be more concerned over a new asset tracking system for vehicles than looking after our core asset (MANPOWER).

    Obviously the lessons that should have been learned from all major deployments up to Telic were ignored. When the army`s "Logistics Experts" cannot even get toilet paper, food, ammunition, clothing, defence stores, POL et al to the battle front to supply the key teeth arms at the right time, (let alone just in time), WE HAVE FAILED. Embarrassing but true.

    As for the lads at the coal face, panic managed, overworked and micromanaged by incompetents who try to defend a system that does not work.

    Perhaps the old system of RAOC, RCT, ACC etc was archaic, however maybe it would have been cheaper not change and tackle the core problems.