Stable belt query

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Whatawittyscreename, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Just a quickie...
    Are CCF NCOs allowed to wear the stable belt of their parent unit (e.g. Rifles etc.) of just the CCF stable belt?
  2. It's the CCF. You can wear a bra and suspenders.
    Nobody cares.
  3. No.

    You big timing civilian wank stain.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Don't beat about the bush,Say what you really mean
  5. Don't sit on the fence mate...
  6. Accurate, Brief and Clear. Well done.

    PS- I agree, on a Friday night the young lad should be out drinking and shagging and not worrying about army cadet fashion. He's 15 for fucks sakes!!!!
  7. It's a fair point...
    Although my right hand tends to suffice...
  8. So, what you are saying is : you are a CCF wanker? :rofl:

    Do you get a little badge on your brassard for that?
  9. What a surprise, a kid asks a question and a low self ahsteem fcuk up runs in and decide to slag the CCF off to make himself feel better by arguing with a kid. :roll:

    It's different for each school isn't it as to whether you can wear stable belts? Just ask one of your instructors.
  10. Ask your Contingent commander, You probably wont be allowed to wear regimental stable belts though.
  11. Cheers boys
    I'll ask him tomorrow and post back a sitrep.
  12. Don't see why not. I've seen at least one fiftyish female teacher in an RRF stable belt, accessorised with a black fleece, no beret and hair over the collar looked every inch the pride of the CCF - and they wonder why the children can't dress properly.
  13. Attn Geordie-Berk
    Copy to Walt of the Walts

    The lad was asking a genuine question. FFS, why the flak?
    A lot of the CCF of today are the squaddies of tomorrow.
    Vocation for you both in the Army Recruiting Office. (As if!)
  14. Oh very good point Bjw.

    Squaddies of tomorrow? That's not what they think

    I can't help noticing that my cadets would ask me if they can wear the stable belt of the regiment they are badged to (and yes they can) but this future Rupert (as most CCF like to style themselves, IME) hasnt thought of that obvious route, and I wonder why? Is it because his SSI is a mere 'ranker' and his opinion isn't worth a damn to a future young thruster and leader of men?

    Seen her double at SMP, but with an unshaped PWRR beret plonked on her bouffant. Ridiculous
  15. Chicks wearing infantry kit is ridiculous and only happens in the cadets and the TA. Why oh why do we have a reserve of girly TA infantry officers?