stabbings in london whos for a sweepstake for final score

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. its up to 26 fatalities
    I'm going for 42 hoping for a Christmas surge in pointless knife fatalities
    rules victims have to be under 20 prefably killed by other under 20s.
    any mass cullings by older people using bayonets or slitting throats will not count towards the final total its a bit fun no need to take it to seriously. :twisted:
    victims only count if they get stabbed in London like anyone actually cares who kills who in the north anyway..
    let the games commence
  2. I will go for an even 50
  3. Right then, I'm gonna go for 150 before christmas. London's an hour train from me, so if the numbers don't look too good on Christmas eve, there'll be spare presents by the morning.
  4. If we are talking total stiffs as a result of knifing by others within the metropolitan London area then I'll have 47 please.

    Winner gets a nice Stanley knife and a packet of fresh blades. Handy for the New Year's Eve celebrations.
  5. I'll go for at least 10 tearful families on TV stating how good their boy was just before his gang release youtube videos of him taking part in attacks and with posing with knives and guns Tupac style.
  6. Can't say I really care, just so long as it's lots. I view it as a form of Darwinism.
  7. right then i ll have 39 by christmas
  8. Does it have to be with a knife or can it be with any sharp instrument such as a broken stella bottle or a CD broken in half? That being the case, sign me up for 45.
  9. 37 for me.

    But does it have to fatal we could have a points system here
    3 for the fatal
    2 for seriously life threatning
    1 for the paper cut (but the little buggers do sting don't they)
    maybe a plus pointer for using your asailants weapon too, 3 for the fatal + 2 for using the stupid buggers own weapon on him ??
  10. Don't forget the bit where they go on about how he was a deeply committed Christian and went to Church regularly and loved his mother etc etc etc .
  11. My guess would have to be not e-fukcin-nough
  12. 35 is my bet.
  13. 'Yu showin no rspct mutha fkr innit....'

    I would be delighted with an end of year total of 44, however, i will not be too disappointed if my guess is well below the final figure.
  14. Could we extend it to include the number of big, fat, 57 year old, Scottish cnuts called Gordon who get stabbed in the back in Manchester between 20 and 24 September?

    My guess would be 1.
  15. Good plan of attack - if you stabbed him in the guts ( where are they anyway ? ) two rows of seated persons would drown.

    The big bovine bxstard. He does so look like a Fresian doesn't he?.

    We would have a bull on him tomorrow. Oh, let us please do the AI, just for kicks.

    Would be a better result than he's managed to knock out so far between him and the silent one.