Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by red rose, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Please place me on ignore while my account is canned, I am a penis of monolithic proportions

    I am a disgrace to my former cap badge, although I only served in Salerno company, Burnley detachtment Lancashire ACF
  2. A prison wort? Wtf? You been into the fucking aerostart again?
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  3. Red Rose

    You are George Br***oe and I claim my pace stick!
  4. The word is penile if you mean relating to the penis. Funny that you can't spell it even though you are one.
  5. Ignore me, I'm a penis and I'm going to sue Porridge for editting my posts.
  6. Sandmanfez,you keep giving your caddets the cough n drop sure it gives you hours of plesure
  7. Your emergency banter needs work. Try again.
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  8. Excellent.

    More ammo for my Monkey/Typewriter/Shakespeare project.

    Thanks red dross.
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  9. I've read its last post three times, and it still doesn't make sense.
  10. Do you have a typing stutter? What the fuck is a wwort? Is it something akin to a wart (a fungal growth which you seem to bearing a strange resemblance to) or is it a European foodstuff?
  11. I drink meths and try to compete, but am incompetent, incontinent and impotent, and a cock.
  12. Allgone your not even worth a whhay, you sad tool
  13. This is what happens when cousins marry. Sad,sad beyond words...
  14. Cousins- he must be the offspring of a dirty, foul, kinky brother and sister union! (Can I watch)

  15. I think it's 'parents' conceived it in a lift in Scotland............... apparently
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