Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evilgenius, Apr 16, 2004.

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  1. Had been in the corps for approx 1 month then royally stabbed in the back... Is this normal or am i just a high flyer?? :(
  3. Sounds pretty normal to me :p
  4. Stop bleating! Bieng back stabbed is a part of the Army, oh wait, int :? :?

    If you can't take a joke, then you shouldn't have joined! Now, stop sobbing and get the bastards back sonny (Or girly or whatever!). :evil:
  5. "In the Corps, a slap on the back is merely a recce!"
  6. You have been in the Corps for a month and havent been issued your 'daggers' yet?

    Get yourself down the QM's and sign some out you red-arse!! Double time! - That means run.
  7. what squad were you?
  8. Is there anyone else who feels they have been royally stabbed in the back?

    Does anyone care?

    Seriously, mis-management?

    A c0ck that can't stand your face?

    A disgruntled old school knobber who hates how excited you are about work and doesn't want you to show him up?

    What's the worst way anyone has been backstabbed?
  9. Carving knife from the ex wife when I told her I wanted a divorce and that I was goosing her mate
  10. Oooooooookay...

    Anyone else in a less literal way??
  11. If someone has stabbed you in the back go and knock the fcuker out! Easy.
  12. I really don't think anyone has grasped what I just asked...

    Any stories and tales of backstabbing and betrayal within the Corps.

    All anonymous of course and perhaps with some made up ones to throw journos?
  13. This thread has lain dormant for so long I don't know why you saw the need to resurrect it? Perhaps you are feeling a little sore between the shoulder-blades yourself?

    To my mind the Intelligence Corps has always provided a near-perfect example of the deep and enduring trust between peers and across the span of the chain of command.

    Any Warrant Officers in decades past who had sought to sully the name of the Corps by submitting a redress of grievance to the Army Board; were probably embittered individuals who had already been promoted beyond their capabilities.

    Some older officers may have sought to provide close guidance to some of their more junior, brighter and intelligent young soldiers, possible at the expense of other less attractive <male> soldiers.
    How anyone else could have been disadvantaged, yet alone stabbed in the back, by such an altruistic act of paternalism completely evades me?

    I know that transferee officers in particular, value the opinion of your soldiers. I for one have never heard of an instance of a soldier being victimised by such a transferee officer for adopting a contary position on a professional matter.
  14. Alright cuntychops, if you had been paying more attention to the forum and CR's attempt to do some "Archaeology" instead of ******* yourself you may not have made such a t1t of yourself.

    I cannot see any story in your post just more frustration and tears from some disgruntled chopper.

    I'm loving it in the Corps so you can fcuk off!!
  15. Well said that man! Take this afternoon off! :lol: