STAB working at ITC in lieu of Annual Camp

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SWEATY_MONG, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. I was just wondering if anybody had any experience of this as I've been told that it may be an option for me while there is a CIC (TA) course running?
  2. Yes, I know of a few Riflemen who spent 2 weeks at Winchester on GDs in lieu of annual camp. Mind you it was a decade ago. We also had lads attached to regular formations on major exercises that qualified them for bounty. I suppose it depends on your CoC if they approve of making TA life easier
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    Depending on your rank and experience - the RTC are always after bods.
  4. I've been in sine '01, and am a LCpl. My OC seems quite keen to get me working with recruits between their weekends and possibly helping out at RTC, which I think is why it was suggested to me. Its something I'd like to do as well. Just hoping I can get something positive out of 2 weeks at ITC rather than being IC of brew making.
  5. When I did my Phase 2 in the 90's there was a TA L/Cpl assisting in the delivery of the training and acting as a Section Commander in the field.

    However these days with training being audited to such a high level I would be very surprised to see this again. Bear in mind that most of the JNCO Instructors at ITC Catterick are Full Screws who have all done the Section Commanders Tactics Course and Skill At Arms Instructors Course. Without having done these courses it is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to teach Soldiers Under Training on their CIC(TA). This is mainly to ensure a consistency of training and for a watertight audit trail.

    Maybe your best bet would be to get in touch with your local RTC and spend 2 Weeks assisting on their Summer Challenge if its running this year.

    Or get on an Instructors Course so you can give things back to your unit on a more regular basis.
  6. RTC should show an interest as they are usually screaming out for blokes to assist, not necessarily teach. But if you're up to it they may allow teaching.

    Get yourself on a AASAA course and you will be on demand pretty much everywhere, especially if you're going to be teaching recruits.
  7. Thanks guys. SAAI course is something I'm definately looking at doing in the next training year. Just need something for this year (ie before end of March) and this was put to me. I was aware that the Instructors tend to be Cpl and the audit trails etc, which is what got me wondering what I would be doing up there. Even if they send me up there for 2 weeks to be the brew boy, I'm sure it will be useful and give me a good insight from the other side of the fence into how training is run.
  8. FWIW, there is now no such thing as the RTC, as far as Phase 1 is concerned - its the Initial Training Company = the ITC...
  9. just to make all of the abbreviations in the Army that bit easier?

    "So, when do you finish at ITC?"

    "I haven't even gone there yet!"

    "Oh, I thought you were on Weekend 4?"

    "I am"

    "Well, you're at ITC then?"

    "No, gotta finish my Phase 1 first"

  10. No wah

    Surely ITC is Infantry Training Centre?
  11. We're the ITW as part of the RTC along with STW, OTW and CLM! Our training is how ever overseen and controlled by the ITG, if that helps...
  12. One of our lasses did a two weeker at Chilwell helping out with pre-and post deployment admin a couple of years ago.
    If you need a couple of weeks work, they might still be looking for bodies.
  13. In my first year I had to miss camp because I wasn't Phase 2'd when they booked the flights etc.

    All of us affected, plus some guys affected by work commitments etc did a period of another Bn's annual exercise, just doing enemy or local population. This was mega as it consisted of wearing comfy clothes with a robe over the top, wearing a shemagh taliban style, and spending most of the 2 weeks unloading magazines with the help of the lower half of the change lever / popping more smoke than a power station until the place looked like chernobyl / doing everything by excess, taliban styley.

    was definitely a mega 2 weeks, far better than going on camp.