Stab Slime in the work place

Mate of mine (Ex SNCO) was interviewed by Plod today after he was subject of a 'Security' report written by a TA Int Corp Lance Jack complaining about possession of 'unauthorised media' and 'Classified Documents' which in reality were a disk with Weapon Pam PDF's given to said Lance Jack by my mate and squaddie happy snaps from various Op tours. (Plod were not impressed apparently that they had their time wasted with such triva!)
So apart from the obvious low underhand back stabbing Stab Slime, trying to score points with its chain of command, after my mate tried to do said individual a favour. Any other thoughts or comments? More to the point who else is guilty of such 'Criminal Offences'? Seems you have to watch your back even more once you've left these days!
Is he a member of the ISPC* by any chance?


*Incredibly Small Penis Club
Has anyone seen the values and standards security brief, any of us that have any pics of us in uniform, or have joined a forces group on facebook are guilty of breaching OPSEC.

That's just about every sqauddie I've ever served with then.
mushroom said:
Why is a L/Cpl (Stab or Arab) writing any sort of security report on an SNCO? Or is this personal?
Sounds like some underwear sniffing shitcunt trying to score points with something wearing crowns and a slimy hat.

Probably also bitter due to having been voluntold to DS at an RTC by 3MI :D .
The prat was either too stupid or too paranoid to realise that this was a non-event.

Either way he should not be coupled with a unit that requires "Intelligence".

He'd probably make a really good traffic warden.
Squaddie happy snaps... happy.... never had happy in my day!!!

FFS what a waste of oxygen. Tell him to go onto Facebook, there are sh1tloads of tour pics there... some of which are a bit suspect.
Something not right with this picture. Do we have the full story. Report must be a PACE interview as criminal investigations cannot be based on security reports - police primacy and all that.

Bloke would definitely make a good traffic warden. Individual probably needs an attitude adjustment consisting of six months in a sandy place - mountains optional. That should bring things into perspective.

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