Stab Skill at Arms Dates

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabTiffy2B, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Howdy people.

    Just spent nearly an hour on that wonderous thing known as Armynet (as an aside it really is wank) looking for the TA Skill at Arms dates.

    Can anyone be a wee gem and enlighten me as to what they are?


    P.S. The first person to say "ask your PSI" gets a *******. He's the one that's got me looking for them :D
  2. SAAMs or Inst courses?

    Does this qualify for a prostrate exam?
  3. Well spotted.

    The instructors courses in sunny Wales.
  4. Can't help with either, but at least it clears it up for those who could! :wink:
  5. The next All Arms Skill at Arms Instructors course(short) is 10-24th May :D
  6. is it not under 'infantry training' on ARMYNET along with JIs?
  7. Stop trying to wind me up.

    I couldn't find it, but then I'm a card carrying thicko.

    If you can find them I'll be eternally grateful....
  8. Not that it helps but I'm on one at the mo' it doesnt have to be in Wales!
    York have a SASC TAG(UK)
  9. Agree with Balldrick on the dates - course bids in at least 10 weeks prior to the course as well.

  10. Can I just say well done on the title of your thread. Pat yourself on the back you TA tube!

    May your first lesson be, naming the parts and characteristics of the TA w anker potential instructor!
  11. Got any dates mate?

    Apparently that one is fully booked, so there must be more running later in the year?

    In that case your first lesson should be in the correct use of punctuation.
  12. [
    In that case your first lesson should be in the correct use of punctuation.[/quote]

    I'm not an Engish teacher!
  13. Ask your PSI :D

    If its in Wales, does it come under the jurisdiction of the local Brigade, namely 160? You can get the phone numbers for THAT off of ArmyNet.

  14. no sorry I'll ask tomorrow
  15. Ask your PSI. :D

    Stabjuggyears, I got your PM, but am not back in work until tomorrow (yes, a Saturday) so will have a look at the DIN that replaced the old DCI 1 with all the courses on and see what I can find you. I'll ping you it over DII. You scary ugly boy.

    Sluggy xxx