Stab-proof school uniforms

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by edd1989, Aug 14, 2007.

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    "Parents concerned about knife crime are getting "slash-proof" school uniforms for their children.

    A company is offering to modify blazers and jumpers by lining them with knife-resistant Kevlar.

    Bladerunner in Romford, east London, said it has been contacted by the parents of five local pupils about the £130 adaptation.

    But Alf Hitchcock, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, said it was an "extraordinary step".

    Kevlar is a synthetic material that can be spun into a fabric which makes it light but also very strong.

    Seven teenagers have so far been stabbed to death in London this year."

    Bloody hell, I find it quite depressing that we are getting to the point that parents feel the need to issue their kid with a stab-proof uniform.
    What happens in the summer anyway when they take them off?
    And of course then there is the fact that one of the children (chav hopefully) will want to try and prove that it is truely stab-proof. Possible Darwin award moment.

    Anyway, your thoughts gentlemen.

  2. Apparently it has already proven itself by saving one kids life(according to the news this afternoon).
  3. I haven't heard that it has saved a kids life, don't suppose you have a link? I just can't believe it has come to the point where people feel they need to wear body armour at school. Quite depressing in my opinion.

  4. I'll try and find a link, like I said, it was mentioned on the news this afternoon.
  5. they've even started bringing stab proof hoodies out now aswell for all the little scrotes to wear

    fcuking rediculous
  6. It'll just accelerate the use of guns :)
  7. I'd stab a kid in the leg for one of those Hoodies!
  8. Thanks for the link, however it only mentions it in the last two lines as an afterthought.
    Am i the only one feeling slightly threatened by a bunch of chav's with body armour on, surely it just extends their survivability when they pick on a 80 year-old pensioner/policeman 14:1

  9. They won't help against a good ol' fashioned smack in the face.
  10. Instead of modding our childrens uniforms to protect them from stabing, how about modding our laws to hammer the little sh1ts who carry them?
  11. At the risk of being more boring than usual, may I remind everyone that:

    T.Bliar said he would be:


    Ho! ho! blinking ho!

    PS. Sorry, I forgot we were talking about school children.


    Ho! ho! blinking ho! - again!!

    What an awful and unpleasant fraud Bliar was, and is!
  12. I thought Bloodrunners were a group of guys on motorbikes that used to deliver urgent blood to hospitals, or are they collecting it from source now?
  13. WTF!!

    Is this so theyve got extra protection when they go in for gang fights. :x