Stab or swallow?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whit_RE, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. This poll and question was prompted by an overheard conversation between two females that I know:

    "If you had to pick between swallowing and taking it up the arrse, which would it be?"
    "Take it up the arrse, swallowing would make me throw up!"
    "Me too!"

    So is starfish stabbing more fun or the lesser of two evils?

  2. Is this the first example of someone trying to merge their own thread?
  3. only if I'm allowed to...which I doubt
  4. Definately starfish stabbing. I love taking it up the arse, though i don't mind swallowing as well.
  5. That's because your fecking Airborne and was forced upon you during P company ya perv! :wink:

    Frankly, if a woman will not swallow, then I dump swallow, no more dates....... :twisted:
  6. Whilst dropping anchor in poo bay is more fun, a bird blowing chunks as you crash the yoghurt truck in her mouth is what makes a mediocre blow job fantastic.

    By the way whit_RE, where do you find girls like that? Most of the ones I fraternise with talk about shoes, puppies, kittens, dresses and Rene Zellweger movies. Maybe you should pose these two a daily teaser and post the result here. Tomorrow: 'Which is better anal or vaginal fisting?' or 'Horse cum or labrador spunk, which is tastier?'
  7. Jesus wept!

    I'd rather gulp down a load of salty mouthwash than end up with a ricker like a blood orange any day.

    Hoop action is for gays and girls with baggy minges.
  8. :D :D

    Made my afternoon!

    Yoghurt truck... so good!! :cry: :)
  9. So want a date then sexy :wink: :twisted: :wink: :twisted:

  10. Bloody hell, when did you get back?

    Oh, and............ no.
  11. Women of a "certain calibre" are in abundence at my workplace where conversations like that are ten aplenty, although I'm sure they would be :omfg: if they knew they'd been quoted here...

    I'm happy to ask them the questions you've long as you visit me in hospital with inappropriate gifts after they've beaten me into roadkill :crash:
  12. Where do you work, Matalan?
  13. Been here there and fecking everywhere thanks to the bloody Army in my last few months of service, now getting ready for resettlement.... :twisted:

    And what's wrong with me? I'm intelligent, sexy (in a sort of warped fashion) I have all my own teeth and willing to go down on a rancid pig if it get me a BJ :twisted:
  14. In one of those places where they have bars on the windows, where a lot of us are ex-forces and get called "fcuk off you twat" a lot...
  15. Oh I love it when them policewomen talk dirty like that :D