STAB Offr rejoining Corp as TOT

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Career-Muppet, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. Deleted due to contravention of site rules (Bad CO)
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Feeling hard done by are we?

  3. Heard about the TA staffy at Blandford who is trying ( may have already been excepted?) to join as a reg? whoopee you say, she is due her WO2 so??? will she be getting it straight away? So what you say!!

    What about the YofS appointment??? Yep TA YofS going reg!!

    So i guess things are looking up for the Corps
  4. Seems to me that there are too many posts on the Sigs board that are just plain bitching. The main reason I got the hell out of the 'corps' over 16 years ago.

    If you're worried about a STAB taking your place up the ladder? She probably got accepted because she can spell accepted! :roll:
  5. So ok spelling isn't a strong point, i can live with that.

    I'm not upset about anyone bettering themselves!!
    It just suprises me how so many people who go for the yofs or other senior courses and get told "No" and don't get another chance. Or those who are downgraded, they could still do the job i'm sure but not in all posts

    However its ok for someone who has done the two week TA course and then side step? that the point im confused about.
    Maybe i haven't all the facts, im sure i haven't but then thats what rumour control lives on. Its an issue i wanted to raise.

    If i'm going to get slated for typing, then whats the point of posting? I've raised an issue on Corps standards slipping, not spelling tests.

    Whilst i'm on the subject of standards we all know how over the years skills have become less and less important!

    "How about the Blandford policy Now test, test and test until they pass"
    Is this fair to anyone?? field units get a bum on seat! what does the soldier get? Oh yes a lump sum for passing! How does that leave the future of the Corps??
  6. Ive not heard of a TA YofS transferring directly into the Corps and filling a Yeomans role. I dont even think the Corps would be that stupid. I am aware of TA Yeoman being employed full time by the Regs but only in a capacity where they deal with TA issues (even though they still get YofS pay for doing a shitty two week course as opposed to the 12 month beasting the regulars get).

    Yes, I am bitter about it!
  7. Who gives a flying *uck about the TA anyway, they are just canon fodder, sorry lack of PC on my behalf - Battle Field Replacements!!
  8. This is an inevitable result of a trend that that has been allowed to go on far too long - the "One Army View" - TA and Regs- we are all part of the same organisation, should do the same training (allbeit a bit less of it in the TAs case) and be mobilised into regular slots etc -

    Its all rather c**p - Standards are lower in the TA - thats not a slight on the individuals - there are many very good hands in the TA (mostly the younger ones, granted) but you cannot achieve the same on ~ 30 days training per year as you can on ~300. The gap opens up further the more senior you get. There is simply no comparison at, say YofS, except that a TA YofS is a very good TA soldier/ op

    The sooner we stop talking up the TA and regard it for what it is - a part-trained, genrally capaable and mostly very willing pool of IRs, the better

    (and I'm serving with a TA regiment at the moment)
  9. How many regulars want a YoS slot in a TA Bde ? (or actually have as much experience of managing/operating our equipment as she as - excluding CNR(HF)).

    Two weeks to become TA Yos ?? We have to get a 2nd trade before attending this course (ok that makes it 4-6 weeks)
  10. Bad idea. No matter how much time she's spent doing her weekend YOS'ing she'll be missing so much experience from both a trade and military point of view that can only be gained from regular service and operations.
  11. This isn't really the issue - (in any event all regiments have a regular YofS at RHQ level, the Sqn YofSs are TA) - the main issue is that you cannot compare the 2 in general terms of ability and training - all right no regualr YofS is famillier with NCRS on arrival but after 2 months of 6 days per week they have the same experience as a TA soldier of about 9 years - you only "do" say, NCRS for 10 days per year max

    I'm not decrying the TA - there are many very good people, who after a period of mobilised service are on a par with the regs, (and many who do not and arenot) but standards do not equate and we decieve ourselves if we think they do
  12. sf49ers + whitewash

    Ok, so your both agreeing that she should get the post so she can gain the relevant service + experience???

    Do hope its my unit, it'd be such fun! Am getting bored with taking the mick out the current TA YoS's
  13. Don't know if this is the same one, but I had a female TA YofS, who basically used to day work from the time she joined the TA. In nearly all purposes (less a 4 month course) she was as knowledgable about her trade as any regular counterpart (and over the period probably did more days training than a regular soldier of similar "years". The fact that as a YofS she day worked and gained further planning and ops room experience before deploying on FTRS to the Balkans as a YofS only improved her all round ability as a YofS. I know that not all TA have the same opportunity but each case should be looked at on merit.
  14. So Bowman, this TA YofS had about 7 to 10 years experience under her belt as an operator and Det commander before becoming a YofS. Worked in different units, probably three, may be a brigade, some specialist unit like 30 perhaps and maybe NI.

    Seen the best and worst of both the comms infrastructures we maintain and role out.

    Seen the best and worst of the leaders and soldiers we work alongside.

    Maybe even did a few tours on Ops - sorry I do not mean Op tour which is really a six month posting Bosnia, Kosovo, Falklands - I mean deployed on an Op which was live.

    All this before going for YofS.

    If she has all that, great. She will have the experience to make a great YofS/Traffic.

    Sitting behind a desk for years and only having relative experience of a TA unit - however many days she has been there - does not count against relative experience in the Regular Army.

    Because this is what most of our YofS and potential YofS bring to the party.
  15. So you would consider merely being posted to 264 Sqn as a LCpl RTG followed by continuous tours at the same Sqn up to Sgt and then maybe a quick tour elsewhere to gain some"experience" of the green army a suitable background as well would you. Get a hold of yourself man, some YofS and pot YofS haven't even got 9 years experience in the "real" Army before hitting the course.

    The simple fact is that individuals live and die on their ability once qualified. The YofS job is a vital ops room appointment. I have worked with what I would consider the best YofS in the Corps and the worst .. my point is that the particular YofS I was talking about would rate somewhere in the middle. The fact that she later went on to gain a very well paid job working in the ops management cell for a well known mobile telecoms operator with only her TA training to get her through the interview and into the job is probably a testament to her competence.

    My original point was that each case must be looked on its merits.