Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Trossachs, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Can any JPA guru tell us how the TA will use JPA ? There are a pile of rumours - most involving total collapse as 42,000 people try to log on at 19.32 on a Wednesday night....

    copied from the TA forum....

    As I understand it JPA is built to pay a regular soldier 1/12th of his annual salery every month. Obviously that will not work for a TA soldier. At a recent brief to the regular site I work on I asked the question and was told that the RAO office will have to continue to enter pay from a signing on sheet.

    Any JPA geeks able to actually give us the real gen. ?
  2. Dear Trossachs,

    Any more info on the RAO/AGC/admin people having to input from written registers? That's a bit like Forge really.


  3. ......thats why I'm asking for some info from a JPA guru.... As it stands JPA does not seem to work for a "casual" workforce.
  4. We have asked the question on numerous occasions - no one can give an answer that makes any sense! JPA briefings start in the near future - the question will be asked again!
  5. Im going on a JPA course this month, and from what I can gather, and please don't quote me on this, is that JPA is being implimented within TA as it deals with more than just the pay, each soldier will be responsible for most of their own administration. Obviously will know more once I've been on the course.
  6. I can see people entering their own expenses claims because they are fairly rare - but how on earth it will deal with individual daily pay claims unless it is centralised somehow is beyond me.

    Even with half a dozen terminals it will be difficult for a sqn worth of tps to logon, enter their details and logoff within a minute or two each. Result will be a minimum of a 1/2 hour wasted every drill night. Probably more as they will not provide the terminals or the bandwidth.

    That no-one seems to know the answer is even more worrying.......
  7. I'm curious as to how it will be implemented for nationally recruited (specialist) units at CVHQs as, if I complete weekend 1 in, say, march, will I then have to wait until I return to CVHQ in september to complete my pay and expenses claims?

    Sounds unlikely, but noone seems to be able to tell me what actually will happen.
  8. Rumour has it (and fecked if I can recall where I heard it) that they were working on a web-based version of JPA, so you can log in and put your claim in from anywhere on t'interweb. This would make it rather easier for the TA.
  9. I heard that also, but it will be 18 months post-JPA that we'll get even a sniff of it.
  10. Hmmm. I wonder if that is actually the Intranet version that is being put in place to cover for not getting DII deployed in time ? Basically anyone with an RLI terminal ( LAND CSSR for example) will be able to get access. I've not heard of a civvy internet version. Good news if there is. It would solve a lot of problems for the TA. If I can manage my bank account and credit cards on t'internet I can't see why I can't do my pay claims too....
  11. Aspiration is to have internet accessability but security stanards are higher than for normal banking requirements where some cash loss is accepted as a cost of doing business but for MOD compromising personal security is not an acceptable risk. Not 100% on TA pay but regulars have no input areas that affect their pay directly e.g. qualification changes etc are input by HR Admin pers so I assume Admin office will record attendance and input to JPA for pay purposes much as is done now!?
  12. Chalky,

    I mentioned this in TA forum as well. It is intended that access to JPA for CVHQ types is via an upgraded & secure Armynet. Not sure what the policy is for those with no internet access though? Perhaps the TA will pay for our Broadband ;).
  13. All we have been told so far by wide eyed, startled unit admin staff is that each TA location will have a 'mobile' JPA terminal (on a long lead) which can be wheeled into the drill hall so that each soldier can individually access their account, claim the required amount of pay/travel and log out.

    This has come from the JPA briefings they have received and the planned infrastructure changes to TACs which include 'losing' a room for servers.

    No one to date has been able to give any explanation as to how to stop Pte Snooks from claiming a day's pay for a drill night or explained how taking half an hour (assuming no server breakdowns or sausage fingered user faults) to book in every week will help us maintain unit training and effectiveness.

    Three cheers for EDS and the MOD is all I can say.
  14. I'd imagine they'd just park a Cormorant wagon outside of your house and leave you with a few Scalies to feed and take care of, thus taking the burden off the tax payer.

    Curse you, money-saving initiatives!!!
  15. Anyone on an RLI system should already be able to get access to JPA - I've tried from a non-DII system; it works. You just need the appropriate software and access to the RLI intranet.

    The aspiration to access JPA from the internet has been announced on ArmyNet and several other places. I have read that a project team has now been formed to try and make it happen. Not sure on the timescale, but would imagine that it would be significantly after the army go-live.