STAB City Lawyers?

Any fellow lawyers in the TA out there?

I've been in a while and, due to my being the only TA bod in my firm, was just wondering if there are any other legal eagles also in the Green Machine.

Feel free to PM if that is preferable.
Sorry, to clarify, I was wondering if there are any other City corporate lawyers in the TA who frequent this board.

My own firm doesn't seem to be overly supportive of my service.
Sorry, don't need to answer that. I've done some training with 71 and some of the lads told me that various City firms also have issues with their 'hobby'!

Incidently, I used to work for the (part of The Lawyer) and this kind of thing would have made a pukka story (I still have some contacts if you want to go public hint hint lol).....
No desire to go public, mate. My lot are generally a great firm with which to practice.

71 Regt? Are they Sigs?

I'm more toothy. :)

What was it like working at that rag The Lawyer?
Shame, it would have made a great scoop ;)

Yeah it was probably the best job I ever had. It's a shame things went messy when I went over to production instead of support (I should have stayed where I was).

I do miss the Lawyer Awards, the Christmas party (in January), the Hot (and top) 100 etc (ahhhh, them's were the days).

It's a shame when employers aren't supportive of our commitment, I've been really fortunate and have been permitted to take extra time off (hence completing all recruits and class 3 trade training within 12 months).

It's a bone of contention with everyone (unless you're a tax dodging student, unemployed or from West Drayton) but it's something that has needed addressing for ages.....and probably will continue to do so.

How long have you been in?
Nearly six years in green.

I understand the concerns of employers, but a few extra days' leave to facilitate TA commitments would hardly kill the firm. I find it very difficult to make time for attending those inconveniently long two week courses as well as annual camp etc.

By the way, I prefer LegalWeek to The Lawyer. Sorry. :p
Lots of lawyers in CVHQ(RA) based at Woolwich. Advantage of being a watchkeeper is that you are more or less free to pick and choose your MTDs to fit in with your life. No drill nights or weekends, apart from voluntary training. Plenty of opportunity to do some ops if you wish, without necessarily being committed to a long deployment. Wkprs get ragged as old biffers by some in these forums (ok, its a fair cop in some cases...), but most are too mature to worry about it...

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