STAB bounty and P60

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by theblindking, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Any AOs, clerks or indeed accountants and taxmen; Can anyone tell me if the bounty is included on a P60 as part of gross income?

    It's the difference between me owing HMRC money and the other way round.

  2. TA Bounty is tax free isnt it
  3. Yes, however my very little brain could not find a way of accounting for it in my self assessment, therefore if it has been included as gross income then it is calculated as taxable.

    Despite being paye for HMG in uniform for the entire tax year I apparently have a tax liability.
  4. It's tax free and you are not required to declare it.
  5. Understood. My question is about whether or not it has been declared for me on my P60 as part of my gross income.
  6. It certainly should not have been. And if it has, you should get a new P60!
  7. Cheers Ken.
  8. Mind you, I'm no tax expert. But if I'm wrong I might need to have a serious conversation with the Revenue about the last 29 years.....
  9. I used to work for what was the Inland Revenue and was a cold war STAB

    you are bob on Ken
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  10. ...sigh of relief...
  11. A cold war stab. Does that even count as having served?
  12. Not our fault the Soviet Shock Army was so in awe of our drinking skills that they were afraid to attack.

    Niicked 3 illegal immigrants in the Hong Kong New Territories and killed a sheep with a SF gimpy on Warcop. That makes me Special Forces by cold war standards :)
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  13. Sorry to get the thread back on track, but as a follow on to the original posting: how come hmrc think I owe them a not inconsiderable sum despite having been paye in the service of hm for the entire tax year?
    Obviously I will ring them as soon as but was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Just to be clear my return was simply my income as shown on my p60, tax as shown on my p60 and a little bit of charidy donations.
  14. There's a bounty on STABs?! ( pulls through barrel with anticipation)
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Was your tax code correct? If not, you may have been working off an incorrect individual tax allowance.