How are ex regs recieved in units?

obviously its all about shutting up and accepting your new job

but are ex regs actively wanted by units?

is the upper age limit still 34?

fire away

If you have the relevant experience, you will find the upper age limit to be flexible.

Around half of my unit consists of ex-regulars who bring a wealth of experience to the party. They are very well received and I encourage you to find out more. It is a good way of continuing with staying in touch with what you have been doing for all these years!
msr said:

you will find the upper age limit to be flexible.

Not the only rule in the TA that's flexible! :D

Joking aside, even people without mil experience are allowed in over the 'official' age limit (at least that's what I've seen in support arms & services - teeth arms may be different). Certainly shouldn't be a problem for an ex-reg.

If you're interested, do go to a few TA centres, get some info and a feel for a few units. The worse thing that could happen is you waste a few hours. I'd certainly agree with the other posters that your knowlege would be welcome.
....Ive seen a few lads liable to using a walkin stick in my TAC... ha.. jokes... sum peeps are... OLD.. in my unit... lets say that they bring gooooood experience and trainin!
When I decided to join the TA, I had been out of the regs for about two years. My mate came with me to the TAC to join up with me and he was laughed at by the recruiting NCO for being too old (32) which pizzed me off no end. He may not have had any military experience or quals, but he was eager and willing to have a go. He did, however, have quals that would have benefitted any unit that would have taken him on, That is if units still do Adventure Training.
demobbed said:
My mate came with me to the TAC to join up with me and he was laughed at by the recruiting NCO for being too old (32) which pizzed me off no end.
Sorry that your mate got treated like that. All I can say is that I've seen several recruits who were over the official age limit - and they didn't appear to have as much to offer as your mate.

I know he probably goesn't give a d@mn about the TA anymore (and I don't know how long ago this incident happened), but if he does, he should ask around - I'm sure some units would be glad to have him.
I asked a very similar question recently, think I may be in the same position as you, want to know more PM me,m but mostly good news

I have heard all things from being told you'll get all your old rank and more to won't touch you with a barge pole

In the end i think it is down to however you talk to, a mate of mine, who might pop up now as he uses this site, told me about when he went to his local TAC to enquire, he did nine years, had 3 gongs and trades out his arse, he wasn't bothered about keepin his rank but he didn't want to do the basic soldier course (Phase 1 ?!?!?). The officer was all for it no problem but the WO was all "Regular experiece means nothing, he should do what everyone else does blah blah blah", he didn't like the attitude and decided against it

As I say i think it really is down to whoever you speak to, if they f**k you off try somewhere else
Up till recently my unit only accepted ex regs and experienced TA soldiers. But now they have seen the ligh and are now giving direct entry consideration.
I'm an ex ARAB, i went to my old Reg which is now a STAB unit and walked straight in kept my number and experince level, also i qualified for full bounty because of the time i was out was below 18-24 months.
But talk to individual units they may work differently, failing that my unit is recruiting at the mo.
7 Regt AAC(V)
private message me for full details.
A lot depends on the attitude you go with. My old infantry company gave all ex regs the benfit of the doubt and most were very good. We did have one or two come along with very bad attitudes. One was OC, and one got himself the CSM's job against the Company Commanders wishes (he had been the worst PSI we ever had). When the ex Reg OC joined he and the CSM managed to turn one of the best recruited coys in the TA into a ghost unit. The OC tried to run his business from the drill hall and the CSM made infrequent forays from the bar to tell one and all they were w@nkers. Eventually the OC left (took nearly a year to sort out his mess bill) and the CSM was sacked. But the damage had been done.

Incidentally the best two COs I ever served under, were men who had left the Army as junior Majors. They were both indifferant OCs as they had to make the reality shift from commanding regulars but they learnt and were outstanding COs. Bags of regular experience and a good insight into the ways of the TA.

As a junior officer I was fortunate to serve with an ex reg WO2, who joined the TA when he left the regs. He stayed as a Sgt (CSM and C/Sgt jobs were taken) and ran the CP. It was a foolish young man who didn't take note of his advice, and he was instrumental in training many officers who later went on to command, oh and me.
It is a shame that more ex-Regs are not attracted by various means to join the TA after demob and share their wealth of experience, etc.
It really should be a case of 'money for old rope'.
The ex Reg ORs generally turn out to be a great asset to any unit but the ex-Reg officers in my experience have always been a bit of a let down and assume the whole thing is a 'jolly'.


The problem I had was when I turned up for my first weekend every PSI in the Bn found out and made a pitch to join his specialist pln. I helped show some lads gimpy drills and only narrowly avoided the SF pln. The Pioneer sgt was 80 miles away and would send me transport for weekends, I drilled with a rifle company weekdays and also ran most of the training. problem was there were too many long time TA ncos who could only do things one way even a few ex regs amongst them, I had real difficulties with some of these and pointing out that I had spent longer pissed in the NAAFI than they had spent in Uniform let alone on ops really didnt help. Anyway I got pissed and hitchiked home from camp. Self imposed endex. they took it all far too seriously especially their own self importance.

Still climbing up the sunshine mountain.
It's a shame the powers that be don't look at this closer. At the moment anyone who leaves the regs gets transferred onto the reserve list. I feel this should be changed so that they are transferred to a TA unit for a shorter period of time. This will help stop the buggers muddle when trying to track down the reserves to mobilise them. It would mean that the TA unit would get some experienced soldiers who would work for them until they eventually hang up their uniform for good. Those regs who serve with the TA may also be more likely to stay too! Any comment?
Some units would actively chase ex-regs but , and this is a big one, some will NOT want to even entertain the idea of enforced recruitment, and most regs just want to lay low and relax for the first few months/year, not constantly looking over their shoulder wondering when the mobilisation papers will hit the floor.
OK, you'd think this would mean loads of experience getting into the TA by osmosis, and possibly a good way of obtaining a resettlement posting to provide a transition to civvy life and/or make the transition easier after leaving. I don't agree though. Most people who leave do so very willingly, at the 3 or 8 year point (argue the exact figure, but it's not really relevant), so all the TA would gain is non or highly infrequent attenders and people who've, frankly, had enough of the army, thank you very much, ('and the army can go @@@@'). TA people will identify with me here when I say that whatever G1 problems in the regulars, keeping up the recruitment/attendance/bounty qual/retention/career 'balls' in the air is one monster juggling act that takes all of the skill of an OC/CSM/PSI team, and what the TA definitely do not need is unwilling conscripts serving time on a reserve list.
And - before anyone starts - that is not having a 'go' at regs; we're talking about converting some reserve liability into TA service, remember?
there were too many long time TA ncos who could only do things one way even a few ex regs amongst them, I had real difficulties with some of these and pointing out that I had spent longer pissed in the NAAFI than they had spent in Uniform let alone on ops really didnt help.
No, that wouldn't. I was a regular who later joined the TA and it does take some adjusting. The biggest lesson I learnt was that regardless of how much regular experience you have TA soldiers do, with ecouragement, do thier best. An Ex Regular who tries to diminish them is of no use to them at all.

That isn't a bad idea, but I think it would be resented by Regulars. When people leave they usually want to get away from the Army and are probably TA fodder some time later. I know I would not have wanted to have anything to do with the TA when I first left. (A) I thought (wrongly) that they were a bunch of dipsticks and (B) I was pissed of with soldiering.
From the last year, the attitude towards TA soldiers has changed to a more positive one. Well thats from my experience, and I have been on a few exercises with regs and not had any probs at all. Sure they questioned our ability rather than take the piss. Agree or peeps still having reg army abuse?
I was routinely posted on my own to work with regular army units over thirteen years ago. I even did a few weeks with the Guards on their BGT (I was a lowly STAB Int Corps lance corporal) and was expecting my billet to be like something out of "Lord of the Flies" but their JNCOs were all thoroughly decent blokes and made me feel at home. The Int Corps guys who I stayed with in Bielefeld one time for Summer Sales were absolutely excellent (are you still driving your matching red, white and blue Mini Coopers about lads?).

I'm sure the TELICS have helped relations immesurably, all I'm saying was that it wasn't necessarily all that bad in "the old days." Just like the TA, the regulars have their share of utter stars and utter strokers. I was lucky, probably different on live ops.

Cheers Guys! Thanks for the swift responses. At the moment I'm with a unit which has one or two PSIs posted in for their last two years. Fcuking nightmare and I'm on the perm staff too! I'd prefer to keep the vols turning in and ensuring they're getting the best rather than those who have left a system for which they care no longer, but can't make up their minds about eaving all that security behind! I'm lucky enough to have been around a bit and can see when those who have had regular service, adjust and settle into the routine of being a civilian who commits his spare time to the TA wholeheartedly. It's a real piss take when when you get people posted in to resettle. Whoever does this is shortchanging the unit who has them on their strength. The role of the TA has definately changed so please, please, please only send to TA units those who want to get on and will give us their utmost attention. If an ex reg joins up great, but what has made him do it?
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