Stab a WPC in the head: and get out in 17 weeks

It's a disgrace. And this is precisely where this type of woolly headed liberal thinking leads:

If the law doesn't protect the police, what chance does the ordinary law abiding citizen have against criminal scum, and criminally negligent liberal scum?
He should have got 10 years - Penal Servitude - OOPS SORRY - I forgot - his Human Rights!

Just kill the cnut!
Gentlemen, I think it is time we formed our own government, let's march to Westminster!


Good to see that even though Bliar is going soon his tough on crime policy is working.

He should have been given 15 years minimum.
With crap like this, it's amazing you aren't suffering a major shortage of law enforcement personnel as it's got to be very frustrating for them.
We now have the spectacle of Mr. Falconer advocating shorter sentences for criminals in order to ease prison overcrowding. This is part of his great buddy's scheme to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. The reasons for prison overcrowding are:

Too many criminally inclined immigrants.
Too many home grown criminals.

However, as the person who has run this country for the last ten years (G Brown) refuses to part with any of OUR cash, no extra prisons are built.

The reintroduction of the DEATH SENTENCE would help to alleviate the problem.

Prisons should be made to be places that are fearsome and to be avoided. Half the present prison population are better fed and housed 'inside' than out on the streets.
How about introducing the death sentence for labour ministers... that would both reduce crime and be good for morale!!
Good isnt it, now take it to the other extreme - a PC up north was sent down for hitting a criminal with a baton, the court said he was right to hit him, but not so much?

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