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I am hoping to join 4/73 sphinx but I can't find out the time I need to complete my mile and a half in? Can anyone help me? And also with any other useful information.

I have recently applied for the army and awaiting test dates, but I have a minor knee injury and I'm not comfortable running at the moment, what are the best alternatives for getting test fit- I'm applying for 4/73 sphinx special gunfire observer so need to be at a high level of fitness.

Swimming. And not eating crap
Having reached a rather advanced age and having spent my younger years running in boots carrying weight I can confirm that swimming is a perfect alternative to pavement pounding.
learn to swim properly and sniff around for a club with structured training sessions. You will be shit to start

or find a triathlon club near you they normally have some sort of swimming training organised and are good at taking good runners and cyclists and making them adequate swimmers

don't think up and downing the pool a few times doing breast stroke will get you fit though, neither will a few thrashy lengths freestyle


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I would say cycle cycle cycle build the muscle up around the joint, get into the army first then do the sta course, if you fail then you drop back to the day job. its a hard course and if you get broken as a direct entry (didn't think they did that) you're stuffed.
Depending on what the cause of the knee pain is, rowing is a good alternative too. Needs to be on a decent quality rowing machine, Concept 2 being the obvious choice.

Swimming is excellent and can't really be beaten for low-intensity cardio - if your technique is good.

Fixed gear, up hills, a lot, it's about the only excercise apart from tabbing up hills that prepares you for tabbing up hills.
Thank you for your reply, information seems to be light on the ground, more than anything I just want to know the entry requirements more than anything
Anyone in 4/73 sphinx please can you give me as much info on the pre fitness test requirements and details of sta course? Thank you
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