St Trinians meets Bond

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bigbird67, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. those of you who got THOROUGHLY over-excited about Gemma Arterton wil no doubt be pleased to hear she's the new Bond girl!

    "St Trinian's star Gemma Arterton has been named as the new Bond Girl in the latest instalment of the 007 series.

    It had been rumoured the 22-year-old newcomer would appear in the film, which has a working title of Bond 22, but it was officially confirmed when the the film's producer revealed Arterton is currently shooting scenes for the new production in London.

    The film will see Daniel Craig return for the second time as James Bond, with Marc Forster taking over as the director.

    It is thought Arterton will be play a character called Fields, but no further information has been released about the role.

    The film will also see Dame Judi Dench reprise her role as M, with French actor Mathieu Amalric confirmed as the Bond's nemesis.

    It is thought the latest Bond flick will be in cinemas by November"[​IMG]
  2. Then that will be the kiss of death on her career as an actress. Still she may find future employment peeling MDN's grapes.

    edit for mong spelign
  3. She'll just be glad to be getting her sh1t pushed in by 007 :D
  4. And still put it in her mind, even if her career does flop.
  5. I'd give her a job in the porn industry. Free coaching as well.