St Tony of BS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. made a complete cockup of that can't get the link to work or delete the thread

    Mods please delete
  2. And the award for the best thread of the year goes to...
  3. I think this is a thread about St. Murphy..of Murphy's Law...:D
  4. Don't remember (st. Murphy) in Murphy's law but I thought James Nesbitt was very good.

  5. Can MODS delete Tony B'Liar?
  6. A great thread Tropper, it could run for months.
  7. Come on Trop,give us a clue to the story at least.
  8. I found this piece on Face Book saying that Blair was misunderstood by the British and in fact was the hero of Kosovo and realy the saviour of the world, but when I tried to do the link everything went tits up and in the end my laptop crashed, its taken me a ruddy hour to get back on net, I think "Dark forces" are at work, just poping out for a new roll of tinfoil.
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  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    he was in the papers a while back whining about this - saying it was so unfair that he was regarded as a hero in the US and Croatia, and (get this!) the Middle East, but everyone in the UK thinks he's a cnut. it's so he pockets yet more millions from speaking tours and we foot the bill for his little jaunts here and there.
  11. If you want a laugh try "Blair Supporter" on Face book, if the cnut don't work for Blair I'll eat me own testicals, Oh I'm Banned on the site, can't understand why, I thought St Tony was all for free speach
  12. I see the problem.Facebook.
    Never used it or saw the need to use it.
    Bliar is still a cnut though.
  13. Whoever told you that hadn't seen his £6k-a-minute rates.
  14. the worrying thing about it is that millions in the UK fell under the same spell in '97 and him and the wide mouthed frog have been coining it in ever since. I hope they reopen the Kelly enquiry and toast the cnut.
  15. As many have said, a good thread. Any thread reminding us all of the vacuous, useless, formica and flourescent style, wanabee pop-star, grinning, spiv-like, intellectually challenged, war-mongering, mong BLIAR, is a good thread.

    How any man can be so utterly useless and yet hand-over to someone even worse is a mystery that historians will wrestle with for centuries - assuming that is that either of the oaf-like twerps make it into the history books.