!st Royal Anglian in todays Observer (5th Aug)

Fascinating Facts-

1. Former defence secretary John Reid envisaged the Afghanistan operation could be conducted without a single round being fired.

2. Since the beginning of April 1st royal Anglian has expended 480,100 rounds of ammunition in Helman province

Great double page report in today's Observer about 1st Royal Anglian in Afghanistan, concentrates on the conditions and experiences of the lads on the ground. I must say that I had no idea about how gruelling the conditions were out there, I left the army 20 years ago before all this kicked off. Its a real eye opener. As I mentioned in another thread just now its not often the Observer totally and unequivocally supports the armed forces but today they've done a fantastic job with the Roy Anglian spread as well as the one about the disabled 7 RHA guy.

There's a summary of the piece here.


It doesnt show the photos from the paper though. There's one that stands out in my mind of a Roy Anglian corporal who looks completely worn out.

There's another fascinating article here, the top bod in Afghanistan predicts it will take longer to get the lads out of Afghanisatn than out of NI. i.e. longer than 38 years.


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