St Pauls protest camp.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tuffy52, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. It has been found out ( I don't know who by) that 90% of the tents are empty at nighttime because the protesters are cold and wet.Using thermal imaging some clever person has filmed the heat given of from the camp,revealing empty tents...Should St Pauls do a Dale Farm on the protesters?.
  2. What a farce;fair-weather protestors and authorities scared to take action in case of breach of yoomin rights.
  3. Not quite. The happy campers are on church land so the authorities can't do much. I wonder how many visits from spliff smoking crusties using the pews for urinals it'll take before the vicar accepts that they're not saving the world and gets an eviction order.

    If the tents are empty at night, doesn't that make them litter and liable to be disposed of?
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  4. Don't let Chuffitt find out that his glorious revolution is just a sham. It'll destroy him.
  5. Apparently the police found out 'most' of the scumbags' tents are empty at night when they overflew the position in a helicopter using thermal imaging kit.

    Good news though for the local capitalist coffee bars in the area during the day - the protesters would appear to have a collective weakness for Costa Coffee and Starbucks.

    Here be an 'explanation' from a scumbag:
    BBC News - The tents are empty for a reason, says protester
  6. Highly unlikely as the cathedral is closed...
  7. On the plus side, the St Pauls 200, er, 20, have managed to strike a huge blow against the evil bankers!

    Yes, they've stuck it to them by forcing local business's to cut staff in the upswing to the critical for small business's Christmas period so depriving the evil bankers of money!

    Paternoster Chop House's business is down 45% forcing management to cut staff hours and ask staff to take holidays, and Birley's Cafe has cut staff from 14 to 9!
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Perhaps if the Police want a really, really good TI image, they could bring their helicopter a bit lower. No, lower still; no, keep going, that's it - a nice downdraught will sort the chaff tents from the wheat, as it were, using a nice biblical metaphor.
  9. Not living in London and not knowing the parade route, I would like to know if this mottley crew will interfere with Remembrance Sunday?....
  10. These freaks have had their fun... turn on the Hoses on 'mist' and leave them running for about 24 hours. I doubt many will be left. Get about 50 doleys from the local office, and tell them they'll get there dole when the whole area is gleaming, gleaming, gleaming.
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  11. It costs £20k a day to run, so don't have it or perhaps the CofE can flog some other property to fund it. Frankly couldn't give a toss if it was permanently shut, they are protesting peacefully and lets be honest they are only saying things that have been said on here before.
  12. Gas


  13. Then stay off the beans and lentils.
  14. I love the idea that the crusties are going to lift some paving slabs to grow vegetables, do they really expect to find mother earth underneath after this?

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  15. With a bit of luck Tarquin and Tarquil will find something already 'growing' under the slabs courtesy of the Luftwaffe. ;P