St Paul’s – Guildhall march past

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, May 16, 2008.

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  1. What a fantastic day yesterday was.
    The service at St Paul’s was very moving , the public were very supportive (and somewhat bewildered :D ) and I’m still pissed from the all day session that followed.

    Did anyone manage to get any photos?
  2. Yes a great day and glad to be there.

    However I am concerned with the almost total lack of coverage in the media. Watched London part of News at six and it had coverage of.......a bunch of bird spotters going round london on oyster cards looking for different species.

    Media disinterest or just appalling PR organisation from the bunch who have been responsible since last November!
  3. I have seen no mention of it in any of the media, it is almost as if it never happened...spooky
  4. This is about all there is

    News Linky
  5. Sorry no pictures from me :( , didn't know it was on.

    Not being in official media loops myself, would it be an idea to have a brief diary of events as a sticky somewhere on Arrse? The official diary we use never has much listed. Neither does the MoD site really.
  6. I agree! Absolutely brilliant day (apart from the weather). :D

    I felt surprisingly chipper this morning given the mess I was in last night. :eek:

    Sorry to say that I didn't take my camera, but given the state I was in at the end of the night I probably would have lost it any way! :oops:
  7. Excellent service in St Paul's followed by meal in one of the Livery Companies Halls.

    Waiting for photo's of the parade to be emailed to me, will pass on when they arrive.
  8. I heard that the person doing the PR for ta 100 has been sacked. Anyone know if that's true?
  9. We had a PR man? :?
  10. even if he/she has been sacked the damage has been done!
  11. Who was in charge of the Met Pol operation? Surely they could have managed to clear the route thus avoiding the need for periods of marking time whilst the great unwashed were moved aside. If that had been a leftie tree huggers alliance type demo no doubt all the roads would have been closed down well in advance. Its not as if we do it every week, ffs once in 100 years and they couldn't provide that one bit of co-operation.
  12. There was a paragraph about it in the Metro this morning and it was on the BBC website yesterday. But it's not been overly pulicised.
  13. TA 100 - or whatever one wishes to call it - is not living up to it's own TORs. A key element was the PR/AiS/Recruiting aspect which so far has completely failed. Sad really given the goodwill and effort that went into yesterday.
  14. Any more on this PR sacking?
  15. Great service and march past. Saw loads of people that I hadn't seen for years. Media coverage was slender The Times had a photo and a decentsized article this morning but the BBC, predictably, only pictured the goat. Police were a mess and failed to close the road to Guildhall until it was too late: although it was worth the look on the motorcycle courier's face when he glanced up from the road to see that he was doing a solo drive past of CGS and about 50-stars worth of brass. No sign of SofS(V)...