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St Patrick's Day


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Dunno, Skid, my pal was off today. Didn't hear the chopper, although I'm in Jordanstown in the posh houses. We pay extra on the rates to not hear the heli or the proletariat misbehaving. :rolleyes::p Mind you, Greenisland is just up the road. Glad I have a gun.

Ah, up by the Poly. Even yet when in Belfast with the helicopter up, it gets mentioned as a rarity. And is remarked upon.

Although a different generation maintains they are only up to look for dope houses with the ‘heat seekers:
Take it easy.
Using the new Pangolin in the main. Few Tangis still about, of course. When I asked my pal what he thought of the "Pango" he said "Absolute dung, mate. Front's like tinfoil, steering is shite and it has no grunt. Gimme a good old 1980s RUC MT Tangi with a big Rover V8 any day"
I was always fond of the Simba variant.

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