St. Patrick's day...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KennySte, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. So it's paddys day again and I'm not drunk by midday, no morning wake-up with "coffee", no parade for me shamrock... Instead I get to go to work and get shitfaced later, it'll have to do I suppose :)
    So to all Micks past, present and future, Quis Separabit, drink hard lads you've earnt it...

    NAAFI so tits, fanny, arse and cock!

    Sent from Oz using the yellow brick road.
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  2. Who's paddy? Is that the Englishman who rowed a conical for a dare?
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  4. It's the weekend. From Friday evening until the wee hours I get slaughtered. Some English bloke born in Cumbria ages ago doesn't make me want to drink in an Irish theme pub with a bicycle on the ceiling and bar staff wearing Leprechaun hats.
  5. It's traditional down this way for all paddies to be drunk by 10am, seeing as paddies day is on a Saturday this year I think they're just carrying on last nights St Practice days festivities.
  6. Going to be a mad piss up at Gilroys.

  7. They sure know how to have a knees-up.

  8. Asda breakfast in half hour then I'm off on a monster sesh, 5 men, 3 cities and 48 hours, I aim to resemble Alex Higgins(shameless proff) by Monday morning.
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  9. You had better hope you don't.... he's been dead since 2010.
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  10. I like someone with a plan and ambitions go for it, have a good one. :)
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A day for plastic paddies,pikeys and septics who couldn't find "the old country" on a map if there life depended on it.
    The card shop by me even has "Happy St Patrick's Day" cards.
    Twats who wouldn't touch Guinness all year long now feel the need to try and drwn in the stuff

    Oh fuck just forgot me olo grnma was oirish.
    Forget the above oim of for a Guinness
    "O Danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling......."
  12. I've just put on my greenest Y-Fronts and I'm tearing up into the Jameson's already. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes... feck it when's the fighting start?
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  13. Surely you can do more than five men in 48 hours. Puff.
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  14. Just arrived in Mombasa, any arrsers have intimate bar knowledge of this place (referring back to a certain "hotels in London while the Olympics is on" thread, I do not need a powerpoint presentation set to Irish music)? Just a name of one will do - I know I could ask around, but time is against me.

    If all else fails - "Feck it - take me to O'Learys / Flanagans / Kellys" etc.
  15. Aah St Patrick's day. A day where we are all encouraged to go out and drink as much of "the black stuff" as is humanly possible......Come April and St Georges days you will be lucky if they they let you in a boozer if you are wearing clothes with emblemof St George on them.