St Omer barracks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pocket fox, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    Got a course coming up in the near future and the accomodation is St Omer barracks .Has any body stayed in the transit blocks lately if so im looking for a heads up on the camp facilities, living space,scoff, laundry etc.

    Many thanks
  2. If you mean in the 'shot, it's completely new build with most of the amenities above on site or at worse nearby . Not stayed in transit accommodation myself so cannot comment on that. Generally as good as you can expect.
  3. I heard St Omer was knocked down. If its still standing, take out some insurance against asbestos related diseases.
  4. Beware the ghosts of App.Chef Wing roam the transit accomodaion at night, the saintly tim best and Reg farmer keep the ghosts in check
  5. Im sitting in St Omer now, so Stacker1 "new" St Omer is all well and good. As for transit, its fine. Its all PAYD, food isnt too bad. There is a NAAFI at night etc etc. And of course you have the town centre which unless its Thurs -Sun, its dire. I think there maybe a laundry setup in the transit blocks but nothing within camp as all the normal blocks have their own laundry setup per flat.
  6. Awesome accomadation, but take enough reading and wanking material. You'll be so bored you'll need both, theres nothing to do in the evenings.
  7. Like a previous poster said, the accomodation is like staying in a Travel Lodge. However, the camp appears to be garrisoned by the Zambian Defence Force.
  8. course done and st omer probably best accomodation i have stayed in. apart from the boredom but i was knackered anyway so not to worried by that thanks for the replys.
  9. who are there now is it 27reg rlc
  10. what course did you do there?
  11. I done my driving licence there in 2003 i used to eat in the block.deepcut was our chain of command we had the chiefs there as well there block was to the right of its all gone what a shame. i've absailed from the block.
  12. Ah the ACC depot. When it was the ACC Trg Bn and Depot, I made a trip down to the 'cooks' Olympus' (WO's and Sgts Mess by the gate), with a mate from Germany. Must have been about 1980. It was more like a Guards Depot tbh. I think he was handing in his ID, not sure. The place didn't seem sloppy, and the food seemed really good, to this Tankie. They seemed to be good soldiers, and they worked bloody hard. I doubt the cooks ever had much money to spend on food, in fact iirc the cooks worked miracles under shoite management and with shite resources. We couldn't afford to run the ACC and catering, so we went contract? The mongs in charge of Defence Catering were the actual problem and the real idiots, I think. It was a big army back then; the cooks managed very well, even on Ex. With nothing but crap; boxes of crap, and crap equipment.

    Today's mincing celeb' chefs , full of crap as they are, would have been thrown out of the Tower Block windows, I am sure. That tower block - now gone - obviously scared people to death, careers were made and broken there, Steve said; it still gave him nightmares. He reckoned the whole camp, and Clayton Bks up the road, was completely open with no security, back in the day. In the late seventies that would have been most surprising, with Norn Iron and all that. Still, I daresay a few old cooks will consider St Omer Aldershot either hallowed ground, or 'hell' .