St Nazaire Op. Chariot - site today

Back from hols on The Vendee; persuaded a reluctant family to visit St Nazaire. The U-Boat pens are impressive but was more interested to see how the Raid's history is featured.

There's a relatively new museum which had a disappointingly tiny presentation on Op. Chariot. Crossing the road from the museum you can view Normadie Dock entrance but no commemoration of any kind. The derelict viewpoint I stood on was a prime location for a suitable monument. I am guessing our complex shared history has ensured this very British of operations is unlikely to get the recognition it deserves. Even if the Dockyard built the Queen Mary II.

For you serious history types, had the pleasure of dining with AJP Taylor's son and family as we were staying in the same holiday complex. Taylor being probably the 20th C.'s greatest British historian. Teamed up too for pub quiz but not one history question, and double points for music. 8O

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