St. Michaels Orphans

Bad CO has encouraged me to use this forum to let you know about my new book called St. Michael's Orphans, which has just been released. It's set in Canada, and most of the characters are former members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. I worked closely with many former members of the Ab. Regt. during the research and writing of this book, and they are satisfied that I've portrayed them accurately. St. Michael's Orphans is a high action drama, set in a what-if scenario. Quebec separates from Canada, and while some francophone paratroopers choose to join the FLNQ (the Quebec rebel soldiers), many do not. Because France recognizes the new Quebec state, a number of problems arise, including increased tensions in NATO. Canadian Cree complicate matters, particularly when both they and the FLNQ hire merc armies to defend their interests. 3RCR Para Coy is tasked with a hostage rescue, and are the heroes of the story.

If you would like to have a look at sample chapters, please go to

One of my advisors has written this review on my publisher's website:

Review For: St. Michael's Orphans
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Bob CRITIC Jul-08-2005

As a former Paratrooper in the Canadian Army who served in Cyprus with the Canadian Airborne Regiment, I found this book to be an excellent read. It brought back a lot of memories, some good, some bad. I could not put it down. It tells about the lives and special comraderie of the Canadian Combat Soldier and about the special breed of women who are married to them.
The story itself is very realistic and given the right circumstances could very easily happen in Canada today if Canadians are not careful. A very well written book. I read hundreds of books a year but this is the best book I have read in a long time. Can't wait till the author's next book.
I liked sample 1...except the part where weather support didn't get good drop zone surface winds.

Sounds like that crew must now be working for
Le Service météorologique du Canada in Toronto!

Good read.
The cover of the book

Anybody else this side of the pond had a chance to read St.Michaels Orphans. Its a new book about the Canadian Airborne with a very true to life story. So if you have ever wondered what its like to be on the pointy end of a 5.56 or 7.62 this book gives you a damn good idea! For those that have see if you experience the same feelings I did.

Well I see its started The book is very true to life maybe at times to true but that just shows how good an author the lady is

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