St. Lucia

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Suedehead, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Im off to St. Lucia next week, wondered if anyone else has been there and basically what its like?! :?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    One of my best mates is from there - he's a black lazy cnut and 50% useless - and apparently he is better than the norm there..... :D

    Looks nice in photos though...
  3. It's a nice island but no good for porn and whores.
  4. Went there on my honeymoon - Wouldnt want to go back, but it is pretty.
  5. It;ll be empty of blokes they have all joined up and are over here!!!
  6. From the pictures my ex gave me its really nice and tranquil , But he was from a middle class family in St Lucia . I dont know what the others area of the Island is like though .
  7. Diving is very good as long as it does not rain, you get an awful lot of run off which kills the Vis.

    Le Sport is ok, but not as good as Le Source on Grenada.

  8. cheers for the gen ill let you know how it goes down!
  9. I know a bloke who did VSO/forestry work there, and the two things he said were a) unbelievably promiscuous women and b) snakes that will kill you. He described the first night being taken to a bar by the bloke he was replacing and having this local girl plaster herself all over him. He laughs and says, "Ah, this is a knocking shop, yeah?" But no, just a normal bar.

    Then they start the forestry work and a bloke gets bitten, and everyone just stood about chatting to him while he f****g died!! Mind you, this was late 1980's so presumably aids, Hep b and decent anti-venom and have reduced both your chances of getting laid and of dying of snakebite :D