St Kilda

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MacSapper, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. I was browsing through island places to go this year and remembered that we had a detachment on St Kilda.
    I phoned them once from the Guardroom at Brompton when on a Xmas guard in the 80’s

    I know there was /is a Goonar range up there but what did our Sappers do ?
    The Heebrides website is abit scarce on info
    I never met any one who was posted to the island, are they still there.
  2. sparkies used to get a 6 month detachment there followed by a posting of their choice as far as i remember never got there personally but knew a couple of lads that did & they said it was not that bad.
  3. Anyone ever posted up there most probably are 'still' there :wink:
  4. I was told there were a few empty stella barrels and 10 wooden crosses with "Tin" helmets on them!!!

    He looks happy, after a good nights sleep under the tie down roof :lol:


    Choice Posting

    Rough old job picking up them empty cases.
  5. I just found this pic of some of the Detachment adding some Soay sheep to their dating agency list.
    Strange job for a sparky, I thought they were into puffins up there :roll:

  6. The St Kilda thing is still bothering me :(

    Am I right in thinking that the detachment of say 8 bods were all Sparkies :)

    So If they had a couple of Gennies and a field lighting kit to look after then what did the other 7 do all the time :?

    Someone must know :?:
  7. Cheers Spoons,

    So the Sparkies were only there to do the sheep then :roll:

  8. any port in a storm fella!!! step up from some of the birds at the "stomp"
  9. A bloke I knew from 16 Fd Sqn loved it so much he spent two tours there. They had a club called the KGB (Kilda Generating Board). After his two tours he left the army. Don't know where he is now ?????.......??????
  10. I know of quite a few Sparkies and plumbers that did some time up there, they all loved it as a posting despite being over seen by the Gunners, about three of these blokes did 2 tours and then generally got what ever they wanted for their next posting.
  11. The normal tour was for 6 month's,

    Complement of 2 Fitters, 2 sparkys, 1 chippy, 1 plumber and a Clerk of jerks.

    Site was run by the drop shorts as it was a radar base at the end of their missile range.

    Massive generators to run the radars up the top of a fecking big hill\mountain.

    Both the drop shorts BSM's that were there during my tour (87) were both bell ends.
  12. Hey Macsapper,
    I was the Dave the Boat during the winter of 1977/8. We had about 21 of us on the island. Sappers (who ran the power, and owned the chippie), Fred the Para (we never did find out why he was there), the Sig, REME, Cookie, couple of Pioneers (oos nicked me shovel), the Doc and me (RCT Boats) stayed the whole winter whilst the RA wimps would get choppered back to Benbec every few weeks.
    I couldn't launch a boat very often (Gemini) so ran the Pub. Best winter I ever had.
  13. worldslump, you are a lurker.