St Georges parade racism fears


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A council in the West Midlands has withdrawn its funding for a St George's Day parade after claims it had attracted some "racist elements".

Sandwell Council said it would not fund a parade through West Bromwich on 23 April but it would hold other events. It said footage of last year's parade organised by the Stone Cross St George's Day Association showed it had been "infiltrated" by the far right.

The organisers have said the parade was "not political" and "not racial".

The association has received council funding for the past five years but organisers said they would have to cancel this year unless they could raise about £10,000.

Trevor Collins, a spokesman for the Stone Cross St George's Day Association, said organisers had intended to invite Gurkha soldiers to the event.

He said: "I think it's absolutely disgusting - it's not political and it's not racial. We are just proud to fly the flag."

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council said it made the decision based on advice from a watchdog.

The scrutiny management board was asked to assess last year's parade footage and interview witnesses.

Council leader Bill Thomas said: "[Their] evidence showed categorically that extremists infiltrated the parade.

"A report by our watchdog committee has to be taken seriously, in the same manner as a report from a parliamentary select committee, and is very much part of the democratic process."

The council said it would spend £38,000 on St George's Day celebrations and had a proud tradition of celebrating the English patron saint.

It said it would provide a family fun-day on 18 April and a St George's Day concert at West Bromwich Town Hall on 23 April.

It said it would also raise the flag of St George on all its buildings on St George's Day.

The council confirmed the decision to withdraw the funding on Thursday.


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Wasn't St George a lesbian? How dare they pick on minorities!!


Next you will be considered a racist by stating that your English and not British. We cant fly the Cross in a car at home or at work in case some Tw4t is deeply offended, yet every other nationality is allowed to celebrate their day and bring their extremist Mullah to the party and look at all the other flags that are flown. Go to Rusholme in Manchester and there are Pakistani, Turkish and Iraqi flags all over. But try flying the Cross at work or in your home and you will have the police around in no time at all. I even once got told to take down my flag in NI as some one complained it was offensive, it was in my own room for Fvcks sake.

I blame Gordon Brown for being a 1 eyed Jock C(_)nt. He's managed to do what Wallace couldnt and bring the once might England to its knees....


The other day I went out, and was wearing a St. George's Cross tie pin. I got duffed up by equality outreach workers and Mullahs, and then Gordon Brown personally curled one out onto my head.

It was fcuking brilliant.

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