St Georges Day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 23C, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Sirs, Ladies and Gents,

    I have been tasked to submit a plan for a St Georges Day Sergeants Mess function and I am at a loss.

    If you have any ideas of what you think would be a good Mess function for this day please let me know.

    My first thoughts would be to have a ‘Knights of the Round Table’ theme, hog roast, ye olde banquet style meal.
  2. Roman orgy always goes down a treat
  3. are we allowed to celebrate it then? surprised it hasn't been outlawed as racist or something...
  4. Pick the Garrison Dragon:

    Some twat like Propman, Budman, Civsec, etc....

    Then slay it with a really long lance.

    Return to the Mess and celebrate with industrial quantities of port until :puker:
  5. He is the patron saint of Syph sufferers so why not have an orgy with helium filled Johnnies !! Also the patron of skin diseases so a Leper theme would be quite a good one too!
  6. I thought St George was a Turk... so it should be ok to celebrate... correct me if I'm wrong , Dragon sounds like a good 'un
  7. Why not have some food and drink from every country that England has ever been at war with.
    That should keep you going for about oh.......6 or 7 months.
  8. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud. Mess Members detailed to read passages from Shakespeare (for it is his birthday the same day)

    Bit like a Burns Night, except you will be able to understand WTF the reader is saying.
  9. 23C

    23C Clanker

    guru..i like it :)
  10. Considering St George was turkish...why not have belly dancers, kebabs and a themed turkish prison night, just like Midnight Express :thumright:
  11. I like that, in fact I may use it myself, quotes from Shakespeare indeed ! :D not to mention a few pints of Bombadiers, Spitfires, Old Speckled Hen, along with traditional English rhubarb and apple crumble in custard.

    Traditional English food
  12. Thats the badger.
  13. In which case, kebabs, lots of bum sex and then a quick trip over to occupy Cyprus would appear to do the trick.

    Edit. If you could see your way to blowing up your local HSBC branch, that'd be a bonus.
  14. Is that so, fookin forsoathe this and hey nonny nonny that...Saxo-Coburg-Hanovarian inbreds!!
  15. Ah...sounds like a Sugar Puff smelling sweaty.

    Fcuk off you wee timorous beastie.