St. Georges Day vs Ghana Week

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tamera, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. Right so it was a lovely sunny day in the heart of my lovely 'british' country. I had the responsibility of picking my cnut of a brother up from school. A slightly obese fat lady appeared at the classroom door chewing her nicotine gum in blind view with her staff badge dangling between her saggy pair of nockers. I overheard her mention to one of the many single council estate mother's something about 'International Day' coming up. I had a quick thought about what that would be and then let it slide - further distracted by how poorly controlled the little cnuts were when leaving.

    Then my little cnut brother strolled out, shirt untucked, shoes talking, and tie wrapped around his head like a japanese suicide vet from the pearl harbour era. He handed me a letter titled 'International Day following Ghana Week'.

    The letter further imformed parents that the entire school would be celebrating Ghana Week with their 'link school in Ghana' by learning the ashanti tribe language, Ghana dance and singing, music from Ghana and attempting to read Ghana literature etc etc. Take to note, this is for the whole next week with 'International Day' being celebrated on the Friday.

    So whilst walking back, about to deliver the little cnut to his mother, I became irrate. I know the school never celebrated St Georges Day, nor Armed Forces Day this year. So why Ghana Week? How is Ghana week educational or beneficial to my little cnut brother's future career? I even asked my brother what he learnt at school today. He said he had a 'fun day' where they listen to music and draw posters.

    So anyway, aside from this, going back a year. A friend of mine (in the same local area to the school) was told by police to take down the St Georges Cross flag he put up on St Georges Day because 'it offends other races'. Google doesn't even pick up 'Ghana Week' as being in existence yet the school somehow has the right to celebrate it? I'm offended.

    So point to this tale and the question I'd like to ask, should I do something about this 'formally'? I have to now say, I can understand servicemen coming back from tour and lashing out at other races. Especially if they've lost a friend fighting for this country, already have rensentment towards poor pay and domestic living then see it full of foreign nationals.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It's only fair they learn about Ghana
    After all when he leaves scholl all his wages wil go on tax to cover the money Brown is sending out in aid*

    * African aid normally means it's pretty soon converted to Rolls Royces, Palaces and then the change is sent to Switzerland as a pension fund
    * Not to be confused with China and India who we through money at in "aid" so they can have a space program and the Olympics
  3. Join the BNP/NF. You'll feel much better.
  4. I some how doubt that
  5. Yeah, formally chill out and stop getting outraged over nothing. So your brother spent a week learning about a different culture on a different continent? Great. Will you get as wound up when he has to spend 3 years learning German or French? Or is that okay because they're not African?

    Oh and the St George's flag thing, and the Police telling your neighbour to take it down.... that didn't happen. That one is as common as being the second man on the balcony. In reality you can fly whatever flag you like in your garden.

    Sorry mate but the outrage bus is VOR.
  6. Clicky

    Near the bottom of the page.

    And they seem to CHOOSE to celebrate it.
  7. I'm not pointing out that I'm outraged because they're African. That is being racist. I just can't see my brother and every other British child in the entire school growing up to work in Ghana or in direct association with it, thus why I can't see a week wasted learning about Ghana being educationally beneficial whatsoever.
  8. My nephew had to have a day off nursery a couple of months ago because it was something to do with a hindu festival or some sh1t. My nephew and his nursery chums are 3 (not old enough to understand religion) and he is also blond haired and blue eyed (eg not your typical hindu) but he had to have a day off. Imagine how p1ssed off my sister was. She sent him to nursery to get rid of him for a couple of hours, and now his having days off for something that has no relevance to him.

    Of course he didn't have a day off when St George’s day came along. What a surprise. :roll:
  9. Schools quite often have 'themed' weeks and the subject will be tied in with nearly every subject in the curriculum with the possible exception of numeracy (maths to the oldies)
  10. Why not learn something worthwhile like the history of our own land and ancestors? It seems the current trend in this country is to learn shit about black and muslim countries.
  11. Yeah, perish the thought they may learn tolerance and understanding of other cultures. You just go and crawl back into your little hole, batten down the hatches, turn on the Disney Channel and learn sh1t about white, Christian countries instead - Pr1ck.
  12. Almost a worthwhile response devex, sort of lost it at the end with the lack of vocabulary, yes I agree my daughter is happily learning about all different cultures on her school learning journeys, that is syllabus to us older ones. The class assemblies are great but she has a lack of knowledge about the country she was born in, ask any child in just about any other country and they can, on the whole, tell you about their own as well as other countries.
  13. My stepkids can discuss British history back to the Anglo-Saxon kings. And they learn about other countries as well...which is more than you can say for most American kids. Is that really who you want to model your children's knowledge of history and world events after?
  14. Oooh, internet hardman. If only you had the balls to say it to my face which I doubt.
  15. I had three years of art classes that had no effect on me and was of no practical use to me in adulthood, except- as a southpaw- learning how to hold a pen so I don't smudge the ink of what I've just written.