St Georges Day - the right to celebrate

From the BBC:
Shopkeeper in St George's Day row

Phil Moffat says he is proud to celebrate St George's Day
A shopkeeper has been ordered to remove his flags celebrating St George by council officials who say they breach health and safety rules.
Phil Moffat has been told the 20 flags hoisted from lamp-posts near his shop in Tuebrook, Liverpool, are dangerous.

Mr Moffat, whose shop is named Churchill's, says he will defy the ban.

Meanwhile a Norwich publican has vowed to continue his campaign to make St George's Day a national holiday despite losing his bid for an extended licence.

It has really come to something when a proud Englishman can't raise a few flags to celebrate St George's Day

Tony Bennett, 48, has spoken of his frustration after he failed to persuade magistrates to extend his licence for a St George's Day event at the Otter pub in Drayton, near Norwich.

On Friday Mr Bennett will join fellow campaigners in presenting a petition to Downing Street asking for the day to be made a national holiday.

Fellow patriot Mr Moffat, who has flown the flags from the same lamp-posts for the last five years, was ordered to remove them or face a £1,000 bill from Liverpool City Council.

He said: "It has really come to something when a proud Englishman can't raise a few flags to celebrate St George's Day.

"They have never caused any safety problems, and it seems to me that someone in the council is flexing their powers of political correctness.

"After all, Irish tricolours were flying from lampposts along Scotland Road and Vauxhall Road during St Patrick's Day."

'Clear danger'

But a council spokesman said: "We are not trying to be spoilsports.

"There is a clear danger to Mr Moffat himself and an obvious road safety hazard. The flags could distract drivers, fall off and hit cars or pedestrians and it could encourage others to follow suit."

Back in Norwich magistrates told Mr Bennett they could not grant the licence for an extra hour until midnight because he had organised the event and therefore stood to profit from it.

'Double standards'

After the hearing Mr Bennett said he was "gutted".

He said: "Two years ago I applied for a similar licence to celebrate Chinese new year and I didn't have to jump through any hoops to get that.

"The Irish celebrate St Patrick's Day, and they get extensions across the country, so why should St George's Day be different?"

Mr Bennett was joined outside the hearing by a host of supporters including some dressed as knights and armed with St George's Day flags and banners.
This really grips my sh*t! Why do these small-minded little jobsworths prevent us from celebrating our National Day?

As Tony Bliar is banning most things that make us English, we do not need this as well.
why the hell can't we celebrate are national day also happens to be shakespears birthday
nationlism and cultural oneupmanship all in one
joyce burns and that welsh drunk vs will no contest
plus he hated the french :)
1. Paddy's day - Irish get shedded on guinness, as does everyone else. 8)

2. David's day - The welsh get p1sted and shag sheep and stick daffodils up there arrse's.

3. Andrew's day - Jocks get loads of buckfast, drink themselves silly and fight.

4. George's day - All celebrations are flawed upon, you will upset the minority with your Saint George's cross, you are not allowed to be English.

Sorry guys and girls, although I am not English, I do sympathise with you.
I think it is Time for us to stick out two fingers up at these Nancy boys, just like we did at the battle of Agincourt.

People may mock and curse, but history has shown that an Englishman with a cob on it one of the most dangerous things created.

So now it is time that we stood up for ourselves and said

“If we were that sh1te why are you speaking English!”

All together now

“With Saint George in my heart keep me English…..”

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