St Georges day Parade 2010 (Fusiliers)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by geordieblonde, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know if the Fusiliers are parading in Newcastle Upon Tyne for St. Georges day 2010?
    Ive heard they are - wondering if its a rumour?
    Thanks!! :D
  2. I can confirm it is now a rumour.
  3. AWWW no way I was really looking forward to it!!
    Im sure there was a poster up somewhere in the city? :?
  4. Well I wouldn't despair quite yet, I rather suspect Spaz was being droll.

    If it's any help, Google says: Clicky
  5. Well I am blonde, I didnt know whether to take it as sarcasm or not haha.
    And thanks for that link.. I looked on the MOD website but theres nothing on about it, been bloody ages since 1RRF did anything up this way! x
  6. Well they had been in Germany for a wee while, so you can't hold it against them.
  7. Haha yeah Fally, dont I just know it.
    Im away to Tidwoth 7am tomorrow.. Joy haha x