St Georges Day - Govt spend £230 promoting it over 5 years.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Daytona955, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Sorry, I don't know how to put a link in but the following news item was on Yahoo this morning - I would just like to say that this is no surprise with our current government!!!

    'LONDON (AFP) - A minister has admitted that the government spent a mere £230 promoting St George's Day over the last five years.
    Culture Minister Margaret Hodge confessed that her department spent £116 on promoting England's national day this year, £2 more than in 2007 -- and absolutely nothing in the previous three years.
    The admission provoked outrage from at least one patriotic member of parliament.
    "I think it is a shameful indictment and it needs to be changed," said deputy Andrew Rosindell, who is chairman of parliament's all-party Saint George's Day Group.
    "We must be the only country in the world that spends nothing or virtually nothing on celebrating its national day. It is a great pity.
    "I was expecting it to be low but not that low. Other countries in the world such as Australia and the United States spend a lot of time and effort in promoting their national days and we should be doing more.
    "There needs to be a change in the culture of government in the way it approaches something like this."
    Saint George's Day, which falls on April 23, is an annual non-event in England.
    It is generally punctuated by breweries trying to cash in and promote a party atmosphere; left-wingers saying that patriotism should be reclaimed from the racists; a variety of English eccentrics; and everyday folk wondering why the English just don't seem to bother.
    The fact that Saint George's Day is not a public holiday only adds to the general lack of interest.'
  2. Bet all those ******* know what date St Paddy's day is. :x
    "You coming out tonight? "
    "St Georges Day."
    "Is it?"

  3. But how united is celebrating St Georges day? (Or St Andrews or David's for that matter)
  4. Erm, I think you are missing the point - it is not meant to be 'united'. It is a NATIONAL day for English people only.
  5. So one minute we're talking about how we shouldn't let the UK split up, how bad labour are for bringing in devolution etc, then we want to celebrate old, pointless, christian traditions?
  6. Lost on you isn't it. Shame
  7. I wonder how much they spent on St Pats and the Porridge wog day.....whatever thats called?
  8. Anyone realise that Australia had a public hoilday on monday for Our great Queens birthday? ( the royal one, before the naafi opens!) Bout sums it up!
  9. I think you're missing the point. Why then expect the UK government to spend a single penny promoting it? According to the way you lot have chosen to manage your affairs, that's a local authority responsibility not a central government one.

    How much have local authorities spent promoting it? If it's very little then that's both very sad and nobody's fault but your own.
  10. Quick look on wikipedia
    Also says that St George is so English that
    Can someone explain to me why arrsers are getting upset because someone who has no connection to England is not getting national funding to be promoted?

    I'd much prefer to see a truly National (ie the whole of Britain) Day on the 17th of September of 31st of October (celebrating Britains arguable finest hour where the Battle of Britain was won. Hitler called of Operation Sea Lion on the 17th, whilst British Historians consider the 31st to be the end of the Battle of Britain).
  11. Dear English Arssers...forget "Saint" George, a legend and an historical nonentity rolled up into one. Foisted on you by the Norman conquerors to boot. Your true patron saint is of course St Edmund.
  12. In 2006, a group that included BBC Radio Suffolk and the East Anglian Daily Times saw the failure of their campaign to get St Edmund named as the patron saint of England. Edward III replaced Edmund as a national saint by associating Saint George with the Order of the Garter. The Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley had taken up the cause and helped deliver a large petition to the government in London. BBC Radio Suffolk also called for a change of the English flag from the Cross of St George (Argent, a cross Gules or a red cross on a white field) to the new Flag of Suffolk. This consists of three gold crowns on a field of blue (Azure, three crowns Or).This is an heraldic banner introduced during the Norman period. Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected the request, however their attempt was successful on another level:

    “ St Edmund (was) named patron saint of Suffolk...the high point of a successful campaign which was launched by Breakfast show presenter Mark Murphy and producer Emily Fellows in the autumn of 2006. St Edmund was originally the English patron saint but was ousted by St George.

    From wiki link posted by cuddles
  13. Trick, Cuddles and Gordon Brown (you are a knob PM Sir)

    1. It makes no difference whether St George is English, French, German, Chinese or a friggin Martian. He IS the patron St of England.

    2. Yes maybe he was not always our saint as Wikipedia quite rightly points out. He is, however, our current patron saint.

    3. Celebrate a 'Britain' Day. What a great idea, along with maybe a EU Day. No-one is disputing this but a day to celebrate the patron saint of England is what this thread is about.

    England is a country in its own right, just as Scotland is, Wales is and, after a fashion, Northern Ireland. The idea of celebrating St George's Day is to remind 'ENGLISH' people, not Scottish, not the Welsh and certainly not the Northern Irish, that we are a country that we should be proud of.

    In the England of today there are so many factions fighting for their own recognition, however, they all have one thing in common, although most of them do not realise it, whether by birth or the virtue of their (hopefully legal) arrival in this great country of ours, they are all English and should be proud of it.

    The promotion of a St George's Day celebration would help remind these people what a great country they belong to. And no, I do not mean a Guiness fuelled, apple ducking, vomit producing celebration such as our Irish cousins have every year. I mean jousting competitions, morris dancing, cider tasting, poetry reading and historic battle enactments (the ones we won) and of course educational lectures about our glory days when we funded the crusades. That is the sort of stuff that the English people need reminding of, it is what makes us the best race in the world.