St Georges Day Freedom of the Borough Parade, Gosport

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sfub, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. As it says in the title, 33 Field Hospital RAMC are receiving the Freedom of the Borough of Gosport tomorrow at 11pm. I'm going to go along to support them, I imagine it'll be a dull affair, but it's keeping the army in the public eye.
    God knows who'd want the Freedom of Gospit though... gopping place.
  2. Poor bastards getting the freedom of The 'Pit. Hopefully it extends to free ferry trips to Pompey.
  3. Any town with an establishment like Emmas, the south's premier nitespot and home of the Royal Naval School of Dancing and Social Etiquette, can't be all bad.
  4. Where afterwards you are likely to wake up with a disease, a tattoo, and seven kids asking if "you're my new dad" the next morning... Gents, I give you ROWNER!
  5. Well done 33,Gosport needs any medical services it can get.Think we were squatting in St George's Barracks '72 (1972,not quite that old),RCT training school?Got evicted for defacing their road safety blackboard & sent to Collingwood.mmmmmmmm,edible rations,hetero Wrens