St Georges Day drink with a difference

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by saintstone, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. This follows a little chat with a couple of Arrsers this afternoon on the same day I had with the CoL Police. As we all know April 23rd is St Georges Day, but how about celebrating it with a difference???? Yes, I know it falls on a Thursday, so all you lightweights, take the Friday off work too, mainly for a follow up drink 8O Is anyone up for a few biers in the Bier Keller in Old St this year??? Good German beir, food and traditionally dressed madchen in German dress, flying helmets optional :wink:
  2. Would I have to wear lederhosen? You know that wouldn't be a good look on me
  3. It ain't a good look on any bloke, let alone you, Mac :lol:
  4. You have a 'good' look :?
  5. Celebrate St George's Day with the Germans??? Are you mad? Heresy!
  6. As discussed sainty, flying helmet and goggles at the ready.

    They'll love us they will, love us I tell ya'.
  7. WITH?? With?? Who said with??? We shall be conducting an invasion and they shall be serving bier and food to their betters as befitting their place in the manner of things :D
  8. :D Oh well that's a different story - will there be tofu schnitzel and pommes mayo?
  9. I may come along but am not keen on that bar - I may arrange a breakaway gathering :)
  10. There will be plenty for Mayo for you Arte.....we'll all chip in.

    Tofu?!?!?! Are you a freaky veggie?!?! FFS!! (does that mean you don't suck c0ck?)
  11. Great big bratties and lots of currywurst
  12. It's not the implied threat/promise of bukkake that bothers me, Smudge, it's the terrible, terrible pun :(

    I should have thought the answer to whether I was freaky or not was adequately answered at the crawl... When you've grown a cock, get back to me about the second question :D

    Well we know that's what you'll look like, mac, but what about the German totty? :D
  13. German totty sounds good to me
  14. 23rd April is also the anniversary of the battle of the River Imjim, where The (Glorious) Glostershire Regiment & 170 Bty RA saved the Yanks Arrses.

    Sooo, can we include ridicule of Spams & Chinks?