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St Georges Day Celebration Suggestions

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, a series of questions. Firstly: Should i celebrate St George's Day?
Secondly: In what fashion
Thirdly: Are any of you doing so, and how are you celebrating?

borrow a toddler from a married mate, hold his hand in the queue in Burger King in somewhere like Basingstoke or Andover, , point at the fat men and say..."no son, they're not gods. They're Englishmen, which is the next best thing"!

run, but not too fast, you won't have to :)
1 - Yes of course, should be a better celebration than paddys day!

2 - Going out, having a laugh, getting pish faced!!!

3 - Me and mates going out with plastic swords, breast (!) plates and St Georges flags as capes, to "Dragon Hunt"... Any ladies up to the desired level get a sticker - I'm not a dragon!!!! May even do fake map.....
1. Yes.

2. An English rose in one's buttonhole.

3. Finding a dragon to slay.... difficult these days but well worth the chase!

Dust of your flags and hang them out your window, drink lots of English beer.

Though you will proberly be not allowed too as its racist and may offend the muslims.
1) Hang out the flag
2) Have a drink of some ye olde herefordshire cider
3) Lie back and thank those who gave their lives for our freedom to celebrate this day !!!

However,... I have been told that a relative of mine in the north was given notice that if he hung his flag out before x number of days before St George's Day... he will be fined!!!!!

Hows that for gratitude?
dan_man said:
Dust of your flags and hang them out your window, drink lots of English beer.

Though you will proberly be not allowed too as its racist and may offend the muslims.
So very true.
But feck em, I'm hanging mine out no matter what (flag).
Hit the rugby club.......get drunk......get naked.......get a curry..........vomit.........get to work still drunk

A single night encompassing all aspects of english life
dan_man said:
Apparantly you have to apply for planning permision to have a flag on display now.
Like hell any self respecting Englishman is going to ask permission to fly his flag!!! Mine will be flying all over the weekend regardless of what ever people in the area think. I may even put my pink pig out as well to see how many cages I can rattle!
Absolutely find a decent inner London Pub and poke fun at all the Degenerates Running the London Marathon, and any Chavs and council Pikeys...."CRY HARRY AND ST GEORGE AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR" :twisted:
There is only one way to celebrate St George's day. Find some like minded friends and sit in a tight-lipped, self righteous and ever so slightly self-conscious circle in the garden of a suburban pub, the kind that is entirely surrounded by a carpark, deck yourself with Chinese manufactured plastic Cross of St George flags and drink lots of blood-temperature Spitfire beer. ;-)

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