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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MSI64, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Just read in The Mail some guy has been told to remove the St georges Cross he put up as It was against parish rules to have England written on it.
    He has been given told he must Take the Flag down and replace it wwith a normal St Georges Cross or apply in writing to get permission to put the one with England stencilled on it back up

  2. The flag of St George is the red cross only, so the one With England (as per football fans) is not the flag of St George!
  3. Ok can see your point but surely why can you not fly a flag with your countries name on it???
    The article states that there was a number of complaints am curious what there is to complain about???
    And the guy who put it up is on the parish council so hardly a football hooligan?
  4. I can't imagine anyone remotely sensible not knowing that the Cross of St George is the flag of England - anyone who needs 'England' written on it as well must be hard of thinking. Unfortunately, in recent years the flag has been hijacked by football supporters, who always seem surprised that not everyone shares their enthusiasm for the tedious ball-kicking game.

    In many countries defacing the national flag is a serious offence; alas, this fellow has only been asked to take his version down, instead of getting the flogging he deserves. Don't even start on those stupid little flags on cars, whose only purpose is to indicate that the driver is likely to be a moron.
  5. Ahh a man after my own heart. Bear this thought in mind. Those clever chaps at Top Gear worked out that the extra drag factor of those little flags costs about (IIRC) £5 more in fuel, per flag per year.

    Now isn't that a happy thought?
  6. Totally agree. The flag of any member of the UK should never be defaced in such a manor.
  7. Stop being so ****. I have a flag similar to that of the st georges cross only with England on it. I am not a football hooligan nor am i a moron. We just live in a one way society as far as cultural diversity goes. Be proud of who you are and your heritage. If that means flying a SGC replica then so be it!
  8. Was actually curious about what you can complain about, its not offensive or inciting racial hatred so who complained????
  9. Please dont ask me to remove mine................... :)
  10. I'm suprised they didnt say it was racist and it should be replaced by a EU flag to be more PC.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    At least the flag that had England written on it was the St George version.

    Up until only a few years ago, many (very many) English peeps thought the Union Flag was England's 8O

    In line with the thread - I don't see the problem with the letters spelling England being on the flag. Good on you. Tell your cooncellors to feck off. The original post said it was agin the rules - aye right - lets see the rule book on that :!:
  12. It seems that the flag with England on it is classified as advertising and some councils charge a fee for this. Somebody in Yorkshire was charged sixty quid for flying his Yorkshire flag.

    For somebody who prefers the cross of St Andrew, I'd have no objections to him flying his flag as long as I can fly mine.
  13. I like the St George's flag. But when did all the ferries on the Thames start flying it? I thought it was for Dunkirk boats only.
  14. Virobono said "anyone romotely sensible". I rest my case
  15. Agree totally. I am of the old school that believes a flag is an almost sacred item, to be flown respectfully on a flag pole, not written all over, draped around the shoulders of overpaid sweaty sports people or fashioned into tshirts, boxers or whatever else.