St George Of Iraq Strikes at Bliar!


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I see Gorgeous George has been at it again with an attack on bLiar.

The world’s most honest politician has accused the government of using Africa as a shield to distract attention away from the shambles that they have helped create in Iraq.

“Mr Galloway told MPs the government was cynically trying to turn around its international reputation "on the sea of bodies" caused by poverty.”

What does the Arrse audience think of this?

Is George right for once?
Blair is trying to secure his legacy and place in history, which at the moment consists almost soleley of the Mess O'Potamia. Everything else he set out to do (join Euro, improve public services) has basically not happened so he's latched onto the Africa issue as a pretty much uncontroversial cause. Unfortunately I think he's going to fail here, too.
The Respect MP said:
The government are engaged in a carefully calculated deception of public opinion to try and draw a veil over the disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan...
Hardly a disaster Gorgeous George - get back in your box.
George Galloway was vilified, considered next to Satan in evil and duplicity and treason.


everybody loves him, thinks he is wonderful, tells the truth, kisses babies, bash Americans in in committees etc

wake up people, he has his own agenda, he is self serving, ok so he does tell the home truth to the American Govt and sometime to Bliar.
but leopards don't change their spots

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