St George Ban On Jail Staff Flag on tie pin is racist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by emptyeye, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Saw this on the BBC site ,
    couldn't quite believe my eyes.
    A tie-pin ? rascist?
    Bllody Cherie and her left-wing liberal guadrian reading chav mates must be salivating at the thought of 'emotional damage ' claims from Wakefield inmates
  2. Aaaahhhh the PC monster arises from its slumber once again :evil:
  3. Think i'll get legal aid for all the rascist provocation in Braveheart ?
    Being English is being a downtrodden minority too you know
  4. I hate these PC brigade cnuts with there left wing gay rights and race crap
    The hetrosexual white English male is the only ethnic group that can be persecuted
    without fair of prosecution or incrimination whats wrong with being a straight white Englishman
  5. Or scotsmen!!!
    Cos it feels like we are a minority everytime i look at a paper or see the t.v.
  7. when was the last time anyone wore a tie-pin? I'm amazed that prison officers are allowed to wear them at all. And another thing.......! What about braces?
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It's probably because the BNP has hijacked the Flag of St George for their own ends, much like the NF did the Union Flag in the 1970's.

    Thus, the argument goes, by wearing the tie pin the prison staff are identifying their support for an avowadly racist organisation (the BNP). The tie pin isn't racist, but the oficers involved might be thought to be even if they patently are not. Hence the ban, it's there to stop legal action against the prison service .
  9. It might also be because during the European football Championships, the plethora of St George's flags on white vans etc. were scorned by the sandal-wearing, cappuccino-drinking tree-hugging Guardianistas as 'a sign of low intelligence' or some other dinner party inspired tosh.

    God, don't you love our chattering classes? Mind you, I sometimes read the damned paper myself.
  10. Religious intolerence ... Church of England anyone ?. When was the last time the Archbishop of Canterbury was done for wearing a racist symbol, or a Sikh done for a turban, or etc etc etc ...

    Have the people getting done no spine ?.
  11. I don't know what the hell has happened to the Home Office websites, they seem to be falling apart at the seams, but I did find this:

    When I get in tonight I fancy writing a nice firm letter of complaint to Ms Owers CBE, stating that I find it objectionable that someone in such a high position within the Home Office should intimate that my national flag has racist connotations, and demanding a retraction.
  12. If that is raiscist, how xcme they haven't landed on the red cross with both feet for I'm sure all the muslims will find it offensive... hence the exsitance of the Red Cressent.

    Maybe we should put in a claim agaisnt the Red Cross on just those grounds to show how screwed up things have become?
    Obviously we'd donate the money right back, or better still withdraw the claim at the last moment...
  13. TieTacs are popular with the Police (See for examples) But in recent years they are restricted to only wearing one at a time! There was a time the ties were full of them.............

    What is the problem of wearing our own National Symbol? - And where do I get one from??????
  14. slowly but surely this country is going down the pan, these people that start this, tie pin, father christmas, black (sorry white) board shi'ite should be hung. im pig sick of it, and yeah i think Darthspud was right, we are becoming a minority and it gets my goat. i am far from racist, but i firmly beleive that this sort of drivel will turn people into racists.

    i saw a letter from an austrailian guy to a newspaper, cant remember if it was on Arrse or not, but it was spot on, something about if you move here, you adopt the ways and cultures of the country you live in, not try and change it. the british flag, and any other part of it, ie NI, scottish, welsh and england variants should be accepted full stop.

    this is one subject that infuriates me, i really am starting to loose the pride i had in being british

    :x :x :x :evil: :evil: