St George’s Chapel, Woolwich

My Dear Comrades,
The Heritage of London Trust is a small charity fundraising to restore London’s Historic Buildings. As I am sure many of you know, your chapel at Woolwich is in sad need of repair.

Mr Hitler blew off the roof in 1944, and since then the mosaics and war memorials have been protected by a temporary cover. This too has now been blown away but an unkind Zephyr which means the mosaics are in a sad decline. The long-term welfare of the chapel needs to be assured.

In order to help fundraise for the charity I am taking part in the London 10km race on the 6th July. Even though I am a hopeless runner I must take to my heels and run! Any of you who saw me haul myself around the track at Camp Smitty will understand that I’ll need your encouragement to finish the race.
Please could you support me?
With your generous sponsorship the misery of running will all be worthwhile.

Please may I ask you to donate on

Yours humbly,

And isn't the Larkhill church now "our" chapel, as of the point the Queen re-opened Larkhill and the Chhurch was rededicated? I understood that stained glass windows and the like had been moved.

No reason not to save (although it appears to have been run down for quite some time) an historic building in an otherwise miserable area (front parade excepted).
Having been in the Chapel last year, I can confirm there is no such thing as a temporary cover over the mosaics etc. In fact they appear to be deteriorating rapidly.
Are these mosaics and memorials Gunner specific? If so, then should they not be moved to Larkhill where they can be preserved in the Garrison Church?


but the graves of the gunner VC winners are.

Please understand for the Gunners old comrades Woolwich is still the regimental home, and the graves in the area of the chapel are also important to the regiment, so whilst the head of the regiment has moved to Larkhill, the heart is still at Woolwich for many of the old comrades.

They have been and still get emotional about Woolwich and thier service.

My point is that we should place them somewhere where they can be preserved and where Gunners can visit them easily. WADR the heart will not remain in Woolwich for long and then where will we be? At least if we moved them to Larkhill they will be in an MOD owned building where the Crown can pay for their upkeep, as opposed to leaving them to deteriorate in a ruin in SE London.


Can't they be located to Firepower?
Crikey - how many times have I run past this and never knew it was there? Depot Road (A205), London, England, SE18 4

It has suffered somewhat since the V1 did it's major remodelling. Here in 1955:

and today - shorter and with holes in it's 'temporary' roof:

It clearly does have extant gunner links. Surrounding the St George mosaic is a war memorial bearing the legend 'dedicated by the regiment AD 1920'


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