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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fozzy, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. On the way to work this morning I met two guys who are doing a sponsored walk for St Dunstan's (very worthy charity that looks after blinded ex Servicemen - in case you didn't know).

    I could only stop briefly but it transpired that they were walking from Colchester to Catterick to raise funds. One is a serving soldier and the other is a former soldier who is sight impared (he had a white cane) and was being assisted by the other guy. They are attempting the route in stages - and are hoping to stop in either friends houses, barracks and TA centres on the way.

    So, the reason for this post is to a) make fellow ARRSEers aware of this excellent effort and b) to see if any of you guys can offer support or even better, donation and support. I managed to get both of their contact details (amongst the non-stop flow of HGV traffic) and if any one can assist I'll pass them on to you.

    This was the first that I'd heard of this attempt, so if this is already being looked after - my apologies - but of course if we can get the profile raised and help them collect extra sponsorship, then lets do it

  2. A fine and truly good organisation. My Grandfather lost an eye and half of his face in exchange for threes up on a landmine in the western desert in 42. In the 70s, when he had a stroke and lost the sight in his other eye and so could no longer work the tenant farm where my mother grew up, St Dunstan's stepped in and bought a bungalow for him and my grandmother locally, and had it converted to be wheel chair friendly. All this rent free, mark you! They also arranged for holidays for Grandad in residential homes by the sea to give Grandma a break. When my Grandfather died some eight years later, St Dunstan's allowed my Grandmother to live out her days in her home, still rent free. Whenever I see St Dunstan's mentioned my heart swells. Truly wonderful people. Well done to the two lads on the walk. Is there anywhere to make a donation to their collection?
  3. Superb story there Themanwho. I have both their contact details - so we could get hold of them directly to make a personal donation - or use the web site given by Forces_Sweetheart above.
  4. Please PM me their details, and as for the Website, have you seen the ad for the Portsmouth 10 miler? If it weren't for the splintered pancreas, etc, etc. Think I might anyway.
  5. I'll check with the lads first in the morning then if all is well and tehy are happy (PERSEC and all that) I'll try and post contact details here.
  6. there also looking after the cadet who was 15 when pira or some off shoot left a booby trapped torch outside a TA TAC apprantly got him to oxford :)
  7. Just signed up for the Portsmouth ten miler. Bugger, that's what you get for getting misty eyed and feeling grateful.