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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by British_And_Proud, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. I seen an ad the other night for St Dunstans and my cousin is fronting it.
    Just wondering what work the do with the disabled.

    Want to support a half decent charity and it seems like a worthwhile group to support.
  2. They help the blind. I've never heard anything negative said about them, quite the opposite, they are awesome.

    They have two centres at Brighton and Sheffield with a third opening in Llandudno.

    Very worthwhile cause and is not so well known as H4H, BLESMA or RBL.
  3. Dingerr do you know in what way they provide help to the blind. Not meaning to sound terrible but its not like they can give their sight back. And are they only a military charity?
  4. Seems a very worthwhile charity and the things they seem to do, to help with independence are brilliant, it would also help to take the burden off the injured soldiers family in the long run.

    Seems I've found a worthwhile cause to donate too.
  5. we did work with them when i was still in green skin, sticking in some water wells in Ghana.

    agreed that i have never heard any bad press on them.
  6. The good folks over at E-Goat support St Dunstans and presented them with a cheque last year. I was fortunate enough to visit and see first hand the help that is given in helping blind and partially sighted ex service people with simple everyday tasks.
    Can you imagine trying to make a brew when you can't even see the cup let alone where you are pouring the boiling water. They provide equipment to scan their mail so it can be converted by PC into an audio format.

    Check this thread.....................
    E-Goat donates £1000 to St. Dunstans - E-Goat :: The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network forums
  7. I see that Blesma has now opened membership to those who have lost use of one eye (without necessarily being limbless).

    Very likely there is a good reason for that but I would have though it would have been more logical to have extended the remit of St Dunstans to include those who have lost sight in the one eye.