St Duggan of the taxi was planning revenge murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soldiera, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Revealed: gang rivalry, Mark Duggan and the unavenged murder behind the London riots - Telegraph

    Well well well well well, who'd have thought that the Police actually shot a gangster intent on murder and brandishing a firearm and not an aspiring architect/lawyer/marine biologist merely on his way to a local "youth" centre to give a talk on taking the straight and narrow path.
  2. Just an other piece of excrement wiped off the UK`s shoes. Keep up the good work . The more the merrier.
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  4. Did the police figure that out all by themselves........or was it an informant? (And are they leaking stories to the press again to help the IPCC?).
  5. Shame that the Peelers didn't let Duggan take out his intended 'Gangster' target first before they slotted him. Two for the price of one.
    Psst... Wait for outrage bus with the do-gooders on it to turn up now!!!

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  6. The evidence at the trial this week, was that Duggan only had one round. Either he was a steely-eyed dealer of death with a 9 milly, or little over-confident in his own abilities.
  7. One round in his invisible gun that was never there, or was it, I really can't remember now.

    The Daily Mail will be gutted when they have to print two lines on page 37 to say the police shooting was justified.

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  8. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    From the quotations the gloryous of Prince Harry himselve 'who believes the newspapers?'!
  9. Well, i'm sat here wearing my brightly coloured curtains and a bowl of fruit on my head. Our youth of today are misunderstood and need to be hugged.

    I'm now going to write to my tribal elder and police commisioner about your offensive words.
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  10. So you are calling the Police "gangsters?"
    Trying to incite a riot, or what?
  11. No Septic, I ain't. Duggan was supposedly on his way to take out a rival 'Gangster' when he was intercepted by the Armed Response Unit.
    Personally, I couldn't give a flying **** whether the Police shot him in cold blood or a wild west style shoot out. I only wish that they'd kicked his body to the side of the road and left it there to rot.
    PS: re-edited because as I was all Bleery eyed this morning, a tongue in cheek comment went about 10 miles over my head.

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  12. No please no don't do it. I couldn't bear an interview with Plod over a few lines that I've written about a scumbag.
    I'll give you a fiver if you promise to keep it to yourself.

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  13. What do bears shitting in clearings and the Pope doing the Hokey Pokey have to do with this?