St barbers bks, Fallingbostal

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bolton_Sig, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi i have been tasked to drive some one to St Barbers Bks, but i do not have an address is it possible some 1 could please PM me the address or direct me to where i could find it,
    Thanks in advance
  2. Head up the route 7, past the junction for Walsrode, and it's the next exit on the right, just after you go under a bridge (20m). Should be a McDonalds on the left hand side. Turn left at the end of the slip road and turn right at the next junction. 200m up on your right hand side is the entrance to St Barbaras and Lumsden.

    St Barbaras should be the one on your left !!

    Enjoy, cause it's the arrsehole of the world, although that might have changed now the RHF are no longer there :yawnstretch:
  3. dont forget your id card or passport for entry..
  4. I take exception to this. I think that Fally gets a bad press. I spent a rather enjoyable 8 1/2 years there. It's like any other posting, it's what you make it. That being said, the atmosphere did change when the Black Watch took over.
  5. Stupid question - but you haven't said where you'll be coming from!