St Athen in the SDSR

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Germanybhoy, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. I sat through an in depth briefing last week on the move of DCCIS which seemed pretty much a done deal. Having just listened to David Cameron present the SDSR there was a comment from Ed Milliband in reply that the move to St Athan has been scrapped???? Anyone else catch this? So do we stay at Blandford??
  2. They'll go to the fall-back plan in the Spring. I reckon they could easily leave DCCIS alone - the receipt from the sale of Blandford will be minimal, it's not housing land. Hence a smaller DCEME/DCAE emphasis at a smaller College in St Athan.
  3. IRON - agreed, it'll stay put for the time being but following the fall-back review in the Spring I'm 99% sure they'll go ahead with the relocation/co-location of all DCEME and DCAE training at (probably) St Athan. I'm not so sure at DCCIS because the infrastructure at Blandford isn't as knackered and past its sell-by-date as the other sites. The whole point about DTR was that the "do nothing" option was more expensive than relocating it to shiny new fit-for-purpose accommodation. The infrastructure at PRB is a disgrace and they already have a viable fall-back to relocate DCLPA to Worthy Down by 2015.
  4. Well they certainly need to get building houses. There aren't enough to house all those from Worthy Down and ATFC Winchester. Some people have started their new postings without a quarter being available yet.