St Athan - Whos the daddy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hairyhandbag, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. With all the different Services/Corps/Specialists going to St Athan.
    Who should administer the new "Super Garrison"? ie Garrison Sgt Major/Barrack Accommodation/Amenities/RP Staff etc
    (a) The Navy - Senior Service (PT not a a priority)
    (b) The RAF - Personnel welfare/goochie accom
    (c) Army - Which Corps/Arm (Monday morning parades with the RAF/RN will be interesting and PT)
    (d) Heaven forbid - Civillian

    Fire for effect (but only 1 round and make it blank)
  2. How about (for starters)

    Managment Office with Tri-Service Committee
    New Super Garrison Sergeant Major (Welsh Guards of course)
    MPGS for Gate and Patrols (No guard duties in the new world)
    Sodexho for Catering and Combined Messes & Canteens
    WRVS for Welfare
    RAF for Accomodation
    Army for PT (just to wind the RN up)
    New form of Barrack Dress and not Combats for Students
    No Muster Parades, only booking in for classes
    Large Car Park instead of square.

    New trading estate just outside main gate with MacDonalds, KFC and other watering holes.
  3. Sodexho? screw that, this is the brave new world of military catering, get Harvester in there. :wink:
  4. OK Sodexho are out.

    Any more ideas?
  5. Harry Ramsdens/KFC/McBurger Chain and Yates wine bars on site
    Lets totally cut all tradition shall we
    Just glad i'll never have to put up with it, however it turns out
  6. RAF & Gucci accommodation. What are you guys on? The reason the Army started building new MQs at St Athan last year is that the ones handed over to them by the RAF were in absolute rag order and weren't up to army standards.
  7. they started to build new MQ's here? :confused: where?
    haven't seen any going up in the area.
  8. check out my bold. oh, do catch up perkins (said in a stephen fry voice).
    the Welsh Guards moved to London for CD last April. theres none here at all now.
    a McyD's & KFC just outside would be great thou. :thumleft:
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well you've never billeted in the one's I was in! Kinloss's blocks back n 84 were the dogs!!Bruggens were quite good as well.The worst was Fulton Block at RAF Cosford!!!That was condemned but still in use for years after!
  10. Clothing issues, franchised out:

    Harvey Nicks for the Crabs

    Crew/Next for the RN

    Primark/Pound shop for the Army
  11. Perkins here sir, I did not say the whole battalion! The Army Foundation Collage have/had a Guards RSM, as is the ASM Sandhurst and Garrison SM London District. Just a Welsh RSM in Wales would be apt!
  12. They're going to be in Rhoose, so I've heard.

    Spike, maybe so but the blocks in St Athan were in sh1t state, especially the ones on West Camp. Some of them got condemned at least 4 times in the 1990s to my own knowledge. Come to think about it, the apprentices blocks on East weren't anything special either- and a lot of them got refurbed and turned into offices.

    As for officers' accom, St Athan sucks arrse. but at least it's not CHOM (where, in the West Wing, in the early 90s you could have hot running water two days out of three if you were lucky). And while they're fairly modern and aren't falling to pieces just yet, messes like Valley and Leuchars make you feel like you're Alan Partridge, living in a Travelodge.
  13. If I am not mistaken the GSM at 160 (W) Bde is Welsh Guards.