St Athan vs Deepcut

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Is all RLC Trg to be re-located to St Athan, if so what will become of Deepcut, Corps Museum and RHQ etc?
  2. CORPs museum! That won't take long to move, just put in the back of someones car.
  3. Or an MFO box :)
  4. Corps Museum in a car or MFO box.

    You muppets obviously have not been.

    It is by far an excellant example of a Military Museum, purely in existance to keep some old Rodney's mate in employment after they have served over 28 years, fooking up the careers of the ORs & NCOs who looked after them. Burn them all.
  5. I dropped into the RLC Corps Museum a couple of years ago. I was appalled at just how awful it actually was. What a complete waste of a perfectly good building. I think the MFO box is the best option - just don't unpack it the other end!
  6. Maybe you volunteer some of your time to make it better then? The Corps and the Forming Corps associations are always looking for volunteers to help out.

    Sounds like you'vegot some good ideas?
  7. ***********************************************
    lots of ideas mate, best one I had was to depart & leave them types to themselves. However, I think you may find the VS museum, at Ashchurch a tad more enlightening and not as RCT focused (ooooh 'ark at me !).

    I am already involved in two reunion associations thanks & attend the Army / Navy urine up regularly, and I've been a civvy for over ten years.

    so my time is a little short for other projects, however, if any wallahs want some ideas, they can always pm me, I am happy to give of my advice & commercial experience in any of their endeavours.
  8. With regard to the RLC Museum, here are my thoughts on the subject that I have copied & pasted from an earlier thread.

    I remember going around The Museum of Army Transport at Beverley upon my arrival at A.S.M.T. (D.S.T.) in the mid 80's. It was part of induction then for Phase 2's & I believe it continued to be so for a considerable amount of years thereafter.

    That tour around the museum was a memory that stayed with me for many years after. As a teenager seeing the last remaining Blackburn Beverley aircraft, Monty's Rolls Royce, Saracen, SRN5? hovercraft, et al, certainly educated you & gave you an insight into the history of Army transport.

    As most people know, The Museum of Army Transport closed down a number of years ago. Exhibits were relocated at various locations throughout the country.

    It would be nice to see as many of the old exhibits as possible from The former Museum of Army Transport under one roof again, along with the RLC Museums present exhibits, all relocated within DST Leconfield.

    Now that we know DST, under DTR, will be staying in its present location, what better place for a museum. The vehicle exhibits will go back to where they were many years previously. If I am not mistaken,(This being well before my time.) there was a small exhibit of military vehicles within one of the hangers. Add to this the RLC Museums exhibits from Deepcut & you've got a winning combination.

    Isn't it about time that the largest Corps in the British Army had a museum that reflected a proud & diverse History?

    The last time that I went to the RLC Museum in Deepcut was around 2001'ish. I was rather disappointed to tell you the truth. I believe that it has undergone a refit in recent years? Whether it has had a refit or not, the main problem, in my opinion, is the size, it is too small.

    Obviously a project such as this will never happen, because The powers that be have no intention of fostering Esprit de Corps & promoting RLC forming Corps short nobody gives a fcuk.

    Maybe we could build a decent museum on ARRSE Island? (Second Life)
  9. So whats happening to Deepcut?
    When will it close for training? And where will the home of the RLC be exacly?
  10. Armies mate, I think that was my original question, apart from slagging the place off, no-one seems to know!!
  11. Well they could alwways move the School of PCS back to London :thumleft:
  12. Except Mill Hill is closing and relocating!!
  13. Active Edge

    You might be interested to know that when the Museum of Army Transport (MOAT) went bankrupt as a result of not being able to afford a new roof, along with (as you say) the redistribution of stock around the country, a fair bit of it was actually picked up by the RLC Museum. This included, for example, FM Montgomery's roller, which is on display in Deepcut (or was 2 years ago anyway).
    I recall being told that all of the stock was to remain the property of the MOAT and that in the future it might open again (when they've secured a venue with a decent roof).

  14. Big Hanger at St Athan has a great roof!!
  15. Only to Northolt and you don't need much space for it anyway.