St Athan - Protests against military academy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PoisonDwarf, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Interestingly enough I would think most soldiers would agree with that. Can you get much further from civilisation and do they have a railway that works on a Sunday?
  2. If the protests draw attention to the massively flawed Private Finance Initiative and the huge levels of corruption involved in it being "selected" as the best site and contractor, then that is a good thing for Tommy Atkins and for every UK Taxpayer.

    "We are opposed to the privatisation of military training and to making Wales the base for that training for Britain and other countries," she said ahead of the demonstration." Something that most of the rest of the Armed Forces will probably agree with for two obvious reasons; Military Training should be done by military professionals, not ex-military has-beens and secondly, because St Athan is miles from anywhere, so the good tax-payers of the realm will end up paying a fortune paying for us all to go on courses there in hire cars and massively over-priced rail and air fares...

    And all of that before we start on what a wonderful night out is to be had in St Athan...
  3. St Athan isn't too far from Cardiff surely? Major railway station, international airport. I think it's unfair to accuse Wales of being far from civilisation. It's not as if the government would want scum like us in London, as it's too expensive to house us. I'm not a Taff by the way (the avatar gives it away).
  4. So they still want us to do peacekeeping? Where do we train for that?

    Every fcuking where! We all have to learn our job before we deploy.

    Oh, and the local economy won't suffer will it? They will whinge more when we move out in xx years.

    Throbbers :roll:
  5. Well St athan was an RAF fighter base in WW2 so a violent history. It was home of the Welsh Guards and paras before they moved.

    No doubt the protesters are students on their day off monging about in Cardiff some 12 miles or so from St Athan.

    So why did they not protest outside St Athan ?

    Too idle to get there ?

    Short lunch break ?

    No Tv cameras ?

    No idea where it is ?

    I wonder where they will be looking for jobs in a few years time ?
  6. Unless it's improved recently Cardiff is served by a railway company that stops running services to London from Cardiff at 1700 on Saturdays, even if there is a BIG game on at the Millenium Stadium.

    Don't assune that, because it's a Capital city Cardiff is well served - it's in Wales and the English have been screwing the Welsh for centuries.
  7. It's 15 miles from Cardiff and is feck all distance from the International Airport. Cardiff is a cracking night out and you're practically beside the sea in St Athan which brings with that a load of watersports to persue. Swansea is 45 mins up the road (where I live) and you have the Gower Peninsula there as well which is excellent for mountain biking and surfing and the nightlife in Swansea is arguably slightly better than Cardiff! You've got decent football teams (I hate football though) and top rugby teams (well, Ospreys at least :D ) in the area as well.

    I'm not a Taff either. I'm an Irishman who realised how good it is to live in South Wales and beats the like of being based at Chicksands or Portsmouth or Blandford.

    The M4 is not far from St Athan as well.
  8. I have no good experiences of Wales. It was always raining and cold.
  9. I didn't know they were training Army Chefs there aswell 8O
  10. new keyboard please... i appear to have spilt my drink :D

    jokes aside, from what some of the instructors I've spoken to at one of the training establishments which would be relocated there, many are just as opposed to it as we are (both civ and mil) and don't want to relocate there.
  11. Wasn't that part of the rumour; that Deepcut would be moving there?
  12. Ex RAF? local's don't want us there? give it back to the RAF then. Oh and base a Sqn of Chinny's there as well, that'l give the locals something to moan about...
  13. Hmm the "Rift" there is Cardiff, is bad enough to keep Old Captain Kack, as well as his Torchwood Team, Busy. Might be a bad thing to place such an important installation so near a known threat.
  14. I've not tried that excuse with her yet, I'll be trying that tommorow. :)